It’s no surprise that the London MET Police are under massive scrutiny after the latest damning report by Baroness Casey published in March 2023.

This comes after the arrest and conviction of a met police officer, Wayne Couzens for the rape and murder of Sarah Everard.  Then, almost within 12 months, another met police officer, David Carrick, pleaded guilty to the rape of dozens of women.

Still, I can’t help but feel that the whole country is honing in on only one corner of the UK police and ignoring the problem in other forces.

Although serial rapist David Carrick began his police career by joining the Met Police in 2001, he later transferred to the Diplomat Protection unit in 2009.  Although his career only included the met police, it evidences that a police officer can transfer with little or no vetting.

On the other hand, Wayne Couzens started his police career in Kent police in 2002, not the MET police.  He only transferred to the met police in 2018, and it could be argued that his criminal tendencies were not born of being a MET police officer, but simply just being ‘A’ police officer.

If Wayne Couzen transferred to another police force before ordering Sarah Everard, they that force would have the focus on it.

This is not a met police issue, this is a UK police issue and the media frenzy is just that, focussing on the force that the Couzens and Carrick were in at the time of their arrest.

If you scan mainstream media, you will see that, with the exception of Murder, rape and other sexual offences are not limited to met police officers but are scattered across all UK police forces.

For example, only two days before writing this article, Sussex police officer 45-year-old PC Daniel Julian was charged with attempted rape.

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