Anti Police blogger Joe Public (Ben), pretends to be trans to abuse a young female cop ** UPDATED **

a.k.a. Joe Public UK - the misogynist police hater and abuser

I do not normally write articles like this as it does not directly link to police corruption, but it is a matter that police should further investigate as it is a man who knowingly and intentionally abused his right to self-identify as a female so that a young female police officer had to search him.

** We understand a crime has been recorded over this matter and is under investigation **

Ben claims this is a lie, it is 100% true


This exploit (identifying as an alternative gender) has been used by some people to sexually abuse women. Ben thinks it is amusing and makes jokes about rape!

The police have a duty to protect female officers from perverts abusing an ability to enforce unwanted contact.

Joe Public UK, aka Ben, is a notorious police hater who claims he was arrested for committing ABH (Actual Bodily Harm).

Ben Harrison was asked if he was happy for the male police officer to search him, and he said “NO

Ben says, “I don’t want a man touching me“, indicating he wants a female too. He turns to a young female officer saying, “She will be alright to do it

Young female who had to search the pervert


When he was at the custody desk, he said he identifies as a female, giving the reason he is scared of men.

Pervert Ben goes on to say to the male custody sergeant, “You wouldn’t want me touching your willy would you

The young female professionally did her job, and Ben Harrison says, “Oh my god, You are not going to rape me now, are you?“.

The custody Sgt was clearly offended by this allegation that a young female would want to rape him, saying, “It is not funny to make jokes about rape is it?

This is an abuse of The Equality Act 2010

In February 2023, it was reported that rapist Isla Bryson ‘almost certainly’ faked trans status by pretending to be transexual.

Pretending to be trans, especially when the intent isto get access to a selected gender, is an abuse of the Human Rights Act

The search was quite intimate, and this is the reason it is a gender-based task.  It is not expected for a perverted man to abuse such a right to allow him to be touched by a woman.

Ben had no regard for what she had to do because he intentionally misled the police for this perverted purpose.

I am not going to link to his channel, I do not support the abuse of females, even if they are police officers. My issue with police is NOT gender based.

On YouTube, the author of the video, (in this case, Ben) can click a thumbs up of a comment if he likes it, or, if he especially loves the comment, the red heart can be used.


As you can see, Ben used the red heart for the following sinister comments by some odd men who find it amusing.





If you have been the victim of Ben (any gender), please contact us via the contact us page.



Jo Public (Ben) has done a video and directed people to this article.

One of those people directed here has provided a Twitter link to yet another ‘hate crime’ by Jo Public, referring to a trans woman as ‘IT’ (not she/he). See his link here

Odd that Ben tries to justify identifying as a woman but yet refers to trans in a derogatory way.




    This may explain the situation better .
    Again everyone has his / her their options …
    Apologies for mistakes yesterday ..was tired 😴.
    Just to confirm think “Ben meant “it “ to refer to “ vagina “ why would transgendered woman require this product …again this video is one example but sure other trans woman may use it medically for their own reasons as we are all individuals …
    We have our own way of being !

  2. I actually believe this is a true account from the admin of this website. I have had the misfortune of knowing Ben Harrison and I can categorically say that he is a nasty person who has indeed done the crimes he’s been arrested for. Nobody should assault another person and use weapons to do so but Ben thinks like a typical narcissistic bully and gets his kicks out of causing pain and distress to other people. I also have information that suggests that he himself likes taking not so pleasant images of younger people

  3. I with ref to “it “ think 🤔 “Ben meant the person Virgina ……not the actual transsexual woman …?
    The reason woman use tampons is to stop blood flow during menstruation 🩸…be Ouse Woman bleed they have a womb and Vagina .
    That’s my interpretation .
    I think Ben was using one up man ship with regards to police searching him …
    As he’s been harassed non stop .
    Not one of his ethical videos .
    A lot of them are especially when he is exposing police corruption .especially on the welfare checks …
    Where citizens are being targeted by the Police community .

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