We have decided to create a new section of our website for police complaints where our website visitors can publish their own police complaints contemporaneously.  What this will require is you, (the complainant) to submit ALL elements of your complaint so that others can see how it has been dealt with.  All submissions will be in PDF format.

We will of course allow and encourage redaction, that is, removal of personal information that you do not wish to be published.  We encourage you to carefully consider what is published including (but not limited to), your name, address, reference numbers etc.

We can assist in redaction but would recommend that your documents first be converted to PDF documents.  The following website can convert various file formats to PDF including word, png, jpg etc. https://pdf.online/

Once your document is a PDF document, you can then easily redact any part of it using https://pdf.online/redact-pdf.

To use this, simply select your PDF, once loaded, all you do is drag a box around the information to be redacted.  We recommend redacting part words/reference numbers so it can be seen that a reference number is being redacted but not giving the entire number, for names, redate as appropriate, but leaving say the title Mr or Mrs would show it is a name being redacted

If you want any assistance.

Drop us a message

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