Deputy Senior District Judge Tan Ikram rejects application for a private prosecution against a Lancashire police officer

An application to bring a Private Prosecution against a serving Lancashire police officer has today been ‘rejected’ by Deputy Senior District Judge Tan Ikram, issued out of the West Minster Magistrates Court.

The serving Lancashire police officer knowingly lied on oath and in a statement of truth in a UK Court of Law.

20+ legal points were made within the application and a 10 point list indicating further evidence, showing how the police officer intentionally lied and deceived the Court recorder within civil proceedings.

In his response, DJ Tan Ikram failed to address any of the key points before rejecting the application for what appears to be illogical reasons.

DJ Ikram says on his online profile

“On occasion, I may be the only lawyer in the courtroom as the prosecutor need not be legally qualified. So you’ve got to know your law and, as importantly, be good at handling people and juggling the volume of work, never forgetting that fairness and justice always comes first.”


The Private Prosecution Application

The Decision by Judge Tan Ikram

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