District Judge Thompson of Preston Magistrates Court accused of bias *AUDIO EVIDENCE*

In March 2024, a member of the public was intentionally (and suspiciously) denied access to a public courtroom at Preston Magistrates Courts by the Court usher.

It was abundently clear that the courtroom was open (as others had entered the courtroom), yet, the usher refused the man access, stating the courtroom was closed, the time was approximately 10:20am.

The man, realising something was not quite right, left the court building and made an immediate complaint about this incident to DJ Richard Thompson, the presiding District Judge.

DJ Thompson replied by an email (which was relayed by his court staff ) to the man.

In his email  DJ Thompson bluntly affirmed ;

[name redacted] was not told by any member of Court staff that he could not enter the Courtroom.

There is no ambiguity at all in the response from DJ Thompson, it was clear from his letter that none of the staff refused the man access, inferring the man was lying. There was no suggestion that the staff may be lying, an immediate bias to lying civil servants.

It is a good job for audio recordings.

After the man left the court, the Usher called him, asking where he was.

He explained to her that she was acting suspiciously, denying him access to a public gallery of the court, so he left.

The call went like this…


“I wasn’t able to stand in the public gallery which is unusual”


“Its not that you were not allowed to stand in the public gallery, when you asked me to go in the public gallery, court hadn’t started.


“It had”


“All kinds of  discussions were going on”

“We let the public go in once the court is ready to go in session  


The audio of this section is available and will be made public soon

The audio was sent to the Court as evidence of Misconduct in Public Office by the usher, sadly, this has to go via Court staff before getting th the Judge, and unsuprisingy, the Court staff refused to forward it to the Judge.

The JCIO have been notified of the Judges actions and the Court complaints system of the staff.

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