Gang stalked but no police action

My family and I am being gang stalked, but so far, the police are doing nothing.

It seems that because I run this website outing CORRUPT police, the police take offence, strange, you would think the police would support a website outing corrupt practices amongst their colleagues unless they prefer to keep it under wraps.

Gangstalking members;

George Vella – Created a malicious website called PAULPONTING.ONLINE.  Vella admitted to buying the domain and website.  Their website  was filled with hatred also material they dad desperately stalked me to find out.  He also labelled me a paedophile, for no other reason than he has paedophillia on his mind.

Darren Hogan – He crreated a malicios website called PAULPONTING.COM.  This again was the same sinister tone as Vella.  Darren Hogan was convicted, but, this week he has crawled from under his rock and has started again.

Kyoji-Mochizuki (aka Taz Ryder )- This absolute nut case is in touch with both Vella and Hogan.  Taz has created several websites, I will not list them as they are still like and they show that Taz has an unhealthy obsession with child pornography and this raises the question why George Vella and Darren Hogan are drawn to him. Mochizuki has made admissions in a twitter conversation that he is a paedophile, also, his brother says he is as well.

Darren Hogan has cautions for child abuse and a recent allegation has been made that George Vella has enticed children from a local school to pet his dog.  No crime but very unusual.


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