Greater Manchester Police delay investigation of RAPE for TWO years – Suspects are GMP officers

Zayna Iman was arrested by GMP in 2021 and taken to Pendleton rape Police Station, where she was held by GMP for over 40 hours.

During this prolonged detention (in which Zayna was not charged with any offence), Zayna was sexually abused.

GMP is refusing to release all of the CCTV footage to her.

In fact, GMP has tried desperately to blame Zayna for this incident, going so far as to claim she had mental health problems allowing them to Section her while in custody.  This is the reason that the detention was for over 40 hours.

After awakening in custody, Zayna was horrified to feel she had been penetrated and was bleeding from ‘the front and back’.

Zayna was assessed by medical staff, who stated she had been date raped.

Zayna had only been in the care of Greater Manchester Police and had been so for 40 hours preceding this assessment.

GMP had refused to undertake any reasonable investigation into the serious allegations. Sadly, this was impaired by Zayna’s previous help by an incompetent law firm (Hadfield Grainger & McNally Legal Consultants Ltd), who are currently being sued and applied to strike out their company once legal proceedings were started against them.


FACT – Zayna was not bleeding before the arrest.

FACT – After the arrest and detention, Zayna was unable to walk properly.

FACT – CCTV evidence of Zayna leaving custody was also retained by GMP.

This is a serious allegation of rape/sexual assault at the hands of serving Greater Manchester Police officers.

Even though the incident took place before the current Chief Constable, Stephen Watson, took to the role, Stephen Watson has ignored any request for this to be investigated.


Chief Constable Stephen Watson has, so far, turned a blind eye to alleged rapists within GMP.

GMP has only now, after 27 months of pressure, finally agreed to investigate the allegations and send clothing worn by Zayna for forensic analysis.




Zayna is now supported by Maggie Oliver of the Maggie Oliver Foundation, Zayna is determined to get to the truth.





Full story coming soon…


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