Greater Manchester Police on notice of a Judical Review

The Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable, Steve Watson, has this morning been notified of an intended Judicial Review application after an alleged flawed decision was made by PC 5866 Mille Howarth, relating to a deeply sinister offence of Malicious Communications by a suspect who is a director of a Manchester Legal Consultancy Firm.

Superintendent Muzemil Kernain of Longsight Police Station assigned PC Howarth as the officer in charge and assured the victim that PC Howarth would be in contact.

Over a month passed, and PC Howarth ignored every email from the victim. Superintendent Muzemil Kernain also failed to respond to the victim after making assurances the victim would receive an update.

On 7th July 2023, a formal complaint was made against PC Howarth and Superintendant Muzemil Kernain (plus two other senior officers)

The following day, PC Howarth made contact with the victim. She discussed the offence. PC Howarth confirmed it was serious and asked the victim if they would be prepared to attend court.

PC Howarth asked the victim to send the evidence so that a statement could be prepared and taken the following day. This was sent to PC Hoawarth at around 10pm. Within two hours, PC Howarth had found the time to send the victim a detailed email explaining that the case was now closed. No lines of enquiry were pursued, stating the incident was not a crime.

It is believed that due to the senior ranks involved in the apparent ‘control’ of this incident, the decision was made at a higher level, and PC Howarth has been used to deliver the verdict, or PC Howarth has abused her authority as this decision was made the day after PC Howarth received a complaint against her.


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