Is Greater Manchester Police harbouring another David Carrick or Wayne Couzens?

This is the story of  Zayna Iman, who, in 2021, was arrested by Greater Manchester Police when she was awaiting a welfare visit.  Then, while in the care of GMP (for over 40 hours), Zayna was sexually assaulted. It has been confirmed by medical professionals that they believe she may have been drugged.

As of June 2023, (28 months later), Greater Manchester Police are still refusing to provide Zayna with the vast majority of the Body Worn Video (BWV) from the night in question and by doing so, are hindering her complaint and criminal allegations against the officers involved.

Why would they withhold the body-worn video?

It started in February 2021 during the Covid Lockdown.

Being in isolation, Zayna was alone in her home in Manchester and had been drinking.  She called her friend, who became concerned for her well-being as she was alone and intoxicated. Her friend told her he was going to call 999 and request an ambulance to make a welfare check.

Zayna was expecting the friendly faces of trained paramedics, but instead, was horrified to see Greater Manchester police arrive mob-handed, banging on her door and windows, demanding Zayna let them into her home.

For this single female, GMP sent four male officers and one female officer, attending in 2 vans and a police car.

Zayna denied the police access to her home and told them to leave, that she was waiting for an ambulance.

Instead, the GMP officers waited outside Zayna’s house (for over an hour), trying to get in.  It transpired the welfare visit was from the police, who are clearly not trained in mental health awareness, and in any event, their presence only escalated the problems.

Zayna continued to tell them she didn’t need them and that she needed an ambulance. Zayna recalls the GMP officer smirking and laughing at her as she desperately tells them to go away, seeing her actions as funny rather than that of a person in need of medical attention.

In a moment of distress and because GMP officers were triggering her, and from a small downstairs window, Zayna says that she flashed her breasts at the officers because they were laughing at her. Zayna was, at all times, in the privacy of her own home.

Greater Manchester Police then decided to force entry into her home.  They grabbed Zayna and manhandled her while they were in her home, her place of safety.

From the limited Body Worn Video footage released to Zayna, it shows that GMP officers had assaulted Zayna.  Shockingly, from over 60 minutes of BWV footage recorded by GMP, only 6 minutes of select footage has been released to Zayna.

During the commotion in Zayna’s home, and while GMP was overpowering this single female,  Zayna reached out and touched the glasses of one of the police officers, dislodging them slightly.

Zayna was immediately arrested for the assault of a police officer.

There is no denying this could amount to an assault, the fact remains that the police had entered her home unlawfully and without her permission and that they had on several occasions assaulted Zayna.

Suffice to say, no charges were brought against Zayna for this alleged assault. This is believed to be to avoid any scrutiny of what truly happed to Zayna.


12:45 am

GMP Arrived at Zayna’s home

1:50 am

GMP Break into Zayna’s home

1:53 – 1:56 am

Zayna was arrested.

GMP has only provided Zayna with 6 minutes of BWV from when they arrived until she was arrested, even though several officers had activated their BWV cameras.

1:59 am

Zayna is put into the back of a police van.

2:05 am (approx)

Zayna recalled a feeling of being anaesthetised. Zayna believes she was drugged by officers and fell unconscious.

** NO BWV or CCTV has been provided to Zayna from the time she was put in the police van until when she was strip-searched.


Zayna was taken to Pendleton rape police station, which is less than a 10-minute drive from her home, but this journey appears to have taken over an hour.

3:02 am

The custody record was opened. This is 1 hour and 9 minutes after she was arrested and what should have been at most a 10 minute drive.

3:26 am

Zayna was strip-searched. BWV shows that Zayna was still unconscious from shortly after being put in the police van.


1 Hour and 9 minutes of missing time.

So far, Greater Manchester Police have been unwilling to provide copies of CCTV or BWV to account for this missing time.

During this time,

  • Zayna was in the care of GMP
  • Zayna was suffering vaginal and rectal bleeding.
  • Zayna believes she was raped or sexually assaulted.

CCTV has been released to Zayna that skirts around the unaccounted time. This includes CCTV footage at 3:26am of Zayna’s lifeless body being stripped in the police cell by 4 police officers, recently covered by Channel 4 news.

During this strip, there is no indication of Zana being conscious; even so, she was cuffed to the rear.


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