Kyijo Mochizuki, a man with 12 names and no spine – Sussex police reveal

Sussex police have revealed that convicted cyber criminal Kyijo Mochizuki from Hove in Sussex is known by at least 12 alias names used in criminal activities.  When Kyijo Mochizuki previously convicted,

Detective Inspector Andrew Haslam, from the Cyber Crime Unit said: “The scale of Mochizuki’s activities and deceit is breath-taking. Behind each of the events mentioned in court lie a complex web of aliases, email addresses, false employees and considerable technological skill, sadly put to criminal use.

Sadly, Rose Horan of Sussex police CID shut down a repeat offence committed by Kyijo Mochizuki because Sussex police had kept putting the report to the bottom of the pile, and due to this, the victim recorded a call with her and published it. (here on YouTube)

Now Kyijo Mochizuki has gone on to take his criminal activity to a new level, this time targetting a young female, threatening to rape her.  Using several fake email accounts (as the Court are aware), Kyijo Mochizuki is sending malicious threatening emails about the daughter of his victim.

Kyijo Mochizuki is also known as (aka)

  1. Taz Ryder
  2. Taz Rider
  3. Tariq Elmughrabi
  4. Mr Tyler (possibly Blake Tyler)


So there are at least 8 alias names that police have yet so far not disclosed.  If you know of any, please let us know.  If you know the whereabouts of this man, please also let us know (in private).




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