Kyoji Mochizuki (aka Taz Ryder) now makes and posts fake news about Momma Cherri

How far will this man go?

Momma Cherri whose real name is Charita Jones is a friend of Kyoji Mochizuki.  She entrusted him to create her website.

Kyoji Mochizuki (allegedly without the knowledge of Charita Jones), changed her website to attack me. An offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990, an offence he has a previous conviction for.

When confronted, Momma Cherri appeared to defend Kyoji Mochizuki hence why we have reported her inexcusable actions.

In what appears to be a turn of events, Kyoji Mochizuki has created and posted what appears to be a fake article, targetting Charita Jones suggesting it was on and posting the image to his own malicious website.

Now, I may be wrong, but it certainly is not the Argus now and the news website has been approached for their comment.

Another giveaway is the incompetence of the grammar.  Wandering around is probably what Kyoji Mochizuki meant to say, not wondering around.

Kyoji Mochizuki is already featured on TheArgus using one of many alias names

This goes to show the lack of intelligence of this perverted convict especially given a huge digital footprint linking every website he has created to attack people (mainly me). I exposed this digital footprint proving the ownership of his domains to over 99.96% and proving this self-proclaimed ‘hacker’ is more of a script monkey.

Sadly, this apparent attack and many others (including me, my wife, my daughter, my mother, my sister and my wife’s deceased father), can be attributed to the lack of action by Rose Horan of Sussex police, who dropped an investigation into Kyoji Mochizuki suggesting he was being provoked.

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