** over 310,000 YouTube views ** Lancashire police officer sits on member of the publics car after assisting obstructive female driver

A Lancashire police officer has been filmed handing out £10 to a female driver after she was caught parking in a private parking bay trying to evade payment.

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Even though the driver was a known persistent nuisance driver in the area, who regularly parks of private property without permission, the police officer assisted her in an aggravated trespass (a criminal offence) and then tried to assist her to ‘make off‘ without paying the modest parking fee.

The unknown driver refused to pay

When challenged by the property owner, the police officer became offensive, saying; “You are doing my head in“, and calling the landowner “Weird” for asking him to leave his property.

When the officer was told to get off the private property, the officer requested to see the deeds to the property!

He was told he has no right, so the officer purposely, like a child, sat on the bonnet of the land owners car, trying to instigate a reaction, no doubt so he could then arrest him.

Cop sitting on the property owners car

After being told to get off the car, the officer looked at the car and said, “It doesn’t look like it is owned by anyone?” then began to case the car over, presumable ready to make up a malicious allegation.  Fortunately for the officer, he didn’t!

Rather than leave the scene, which was a civil matter, the police persisted in aggravated trespassing.

The officer then sneakily handed the female driver £10 in cash (caught on shop CCTV camera), so she could pay her fine and leave, this was after he tried to assist her in making off without paying.

Lancashire police PSD have been notified by letter but so far not investigated the complaint.

In fact, it has been almost 2 years and Lancashire police have still not begun the complaint investigation into these cops, saying they have a backlog of public complaints to deal with. It seems more like they are just delaying as they know the cops were out of order and committed criminal offences of aggravated trespass.



  1. I would suggest the female driver, with her persistent parking, is on the game and the officer in question is a client and aware of what she is up to. He probably got a little something later on for the £10.

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