Lancashire policeused the Manchester Arena Bombing to assist their agenda

Lancashire police took an injunction against me for ‘blogging about them’.

During the civil hearing, one of the ***** used the terrorist arena bombing as a means to tarnish my name.

On the night of the Manchester Arena Bombing, I had called the police (Lancashire police, not Manchester police) as I was under attack from another person (who subsequently was convicted!)

Lancashire police criticised me for calling wanting police help, suggesting that calling the police was somehow hindering them from assisting Manchester police.

What an utter disgrace, the police have been found to have FAILED the victims of the Manchester Arena Bombing, and yet they had the fucking nerve to try to lay blame on me for calling the police with a legitimate crime report.

The damning report pointing the finger at emergency services has been released, and the Manchester Police Chief  Constable admitted not learning from previous reports and failing the victims.

In the coming months, Lancashire police will be brought back to Court over their illegal and unenforceable injunction where the lies of one officer will be under the spotlight.

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