Nicholas Walker – Exchange Chambers – defends the scum of the earth

This is Nicholas Walker, he defends police who have committed horrific offences, and proudly publishes how he gets them cleared.

I instructed Nicholas Walker some time ago to bring a private prosecution against a police informant.

Nick Walker failed to tell me he specialises in defending the police,  and how he takes great pride in getting them off with offences.

Nick was instructed to seek the Private Prosecution for me, to hold a Lancashire police informant to account for lying on oath.

Nick failed to get the private prosecution summons and it was always suspicious how he failed when the offence was evidentially sound.

It is suspicious how Nick failed, especially as the Judge confirmed that the offence by the police informant was prima facie evident.

Nick failed to do his job properly and could be accused of intentionally failing.  He never pressed the judge on how a prima facie evident case can possibly avoid prosecution.

Nick Walker was also a defence barrister for a sick in the head man who sexually assaulted young woman, trying to get the sick pervert off.  Fortunately, Nick failed, the man was not let off although got a lesser punishment.

Sadly, one of the victims of Nick Walkers perverted client went on to attempt suicide several times and ended up sectioned after the sexual abuses she endured from police failings.

Nice one Nick, how do you sleep at night!


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