Norfolk Police turn a blind eye to PS Matthew Abbs, simillar to David Carrick

In a recent article published by the Centre for Women’s Justice (here), they have created a timeline of events whereby David Carrick was known to the police for offending, and they turned a blind eye.

It is now known that PS Matthew Abbs of Norfolk police has some of the early traits that have now been positively identified with Carrick, yet Norfolk police are still criminalising his victim(s).

In 2002, David Carrick was accused of Harassment and Assault against a former partner.  Carrack was not arrested and the investigation was closed.   The IOPC reviewed this in 2023 and determined that the officers tasked with investigating Carrick may be guilty of Misconduct, but as they have retired, they will not face proceedings.

In 20xx, Angela, the ex-partner of DS Matthew Abbs, reported Abbs for Domestic Violence and just like the David Carrick case, Norfolk police failed to properly investigate, and no action was brought against PS Matthew Abbs.  Just like in the David Carrick case, the IOPC has now reviewed the flawed investigation and determined there were significant failures in the Norfolk police investigation.

Not only that, Norfolk police, assisted by Cambridge police, have allowed PS Matthew Abbs and his wife ex-Superintendent Aime Abbs, to target Angela, including unlawful arrests and falsified statements being made to the Family Courts.

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