Racist & Misogynist Neil Wilby connected to Greater Manchester Police

Neil Wilby of Huddersfield is the malicious and widely despised amateur blogger in North Yorkshire. He is a self-proclaimed Journalist, however,  unlike professional journalists, Neil Wilby regularly breaks the ethical rules of Journalism for political gain or to satisfy his own (or his friends’) vindictive needs.

The majority of his articles are vexatious and target individuals he (or his friends) have taken a dislike to. A real journalist should remain objective. Wilby is nothing more than an abusive troll who gets off on his campaign of targeted abuse.

The ‘credibility’ (hahaha) of Neil Wilby has been proven in the High Court, in this article, where the judgement was made against him and the Judge awarded £60,000 in libel damages to Neil Wilby’s victim.

Mr Justice Bean said:

‘there was absolutely no evidence to substantiate the accusations made by Neil Wilby’

Falling short of calling Neil Wilby a lying c*&t.

Neil Wilby has been adjudged by Mr Justice Bean as being an “accuser of poor credibility“. Sums him up perfectly.

Neil Wilby had an unhealthy interest in accusations relating to Jimmy Saville, this was reported in the Examiner Live

Neil Wilby is also renowned for racist attacks on Raja Miah (MBE), who is a political campaigner in the Oldham Area. One of Mr Miah’s campaigns is against the system coverup of Pakistani rape gangs targeting teenage girls.

Oddball Neil Wilby persistently targets Mr Raja Miah when Miah speaks out about child grooming. Why wouldn’t Neil Wilby want Miah to expose such heinous crimes? Why is Wilby trying to silence Miah? What is Wilby’s motive for his constant, targeted attacks on Miah.

Neil Wilby has accused (or labelled) Mr Miah a homosexual, something that is not a fact. However, targeting the sexuality of another is a hate crime. GMP are aware of this but turn a blind eye.

Neil Wilby also has several fake Twitter accounts that he uses to spread misinformation. He then retweets this with his own public Twitter account (and vice versa). The man ‘talks to himself’. He has virtually no interaction on any of his social media accounts, as no-one is remotely interested in the garbage he spouts.

Here you can see one of dozens of Tweets that sad old Neil Wilby tweets from one of his Twitter accounts then retweets from his own account.

Recently, Neil Wilby almost tripped over his sagging ball bag to make a media request to Greater Manchester police after a man was arrested (unlawfully) by GMP for an offence he did not commit and was not charged. 

Neil Wilby was encouraged and enticed by an alleged victim to contact GMP to create an article to cause harassment. 

GMP unlawfully disclosed personal information to the discreditable blogger.  Neil Wilby then went on to publish an article using the information dishonestly appropriated from his pals at Greater Manchester police.

Even the NUJ, which Neil Wilby claims to be an associate, states that Journalists must

Obtains material by honest, straightforward and open means, with the exception of investigations that are both overwhelmingly in the public interest and which involve evidence that cannot be obtained by straightforward means.

The ICO has now confirmed that the divulgence of information by Greater Manchester Police to Neil Wilby was unlawful. GMP had obviously tried to make defend their unlawful actions (blabbing to Wilby) by giving spurious and unlawful reasons for disclosing the personal data.

The ICO stated, referring to GMP’s data breach:

  • ‘From the information provided, we consider this matter to amounts to bad practice’
  • ‘We provided advice to GMP and recommend they review their practices in light of sharing information such as this in the future’
  • ‘I was not satisfied that this was appropriate and have asked them to review their handling for future matters’

A civil claim for this data breach is now underway against GMP, and GDPR procedures are underway against Wilby before legal action is brought against him.

As a journalist, Neil Wilby is nothing more than a vindictive wanker, childish ‘blogger’ and one that has been heavily criticised by Mr Justice Bean of the High Court as having poor (or no) credibility.

Neil Wilby even went on to target the IOPC. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of the IOPC, but there are ways and means to challenge them. What this so called ethical journalist did was resort to insults to female members of staff, leaving him falling foul of the courts yet again.

Neil Wilby has even posted. 

‘Malicious Beggar’ concedes defeat as ‘People’s Princess’ set to return to council.

What the twisted old man is referring to is Raja Miah. Neil Wilby commonly refers to MBE Raja as a Malicious Beggar and then refers to Arooj Shah as ‘The People’s Princess’ 😂

The people may not be aware that this ‘princess’ is closely linked to  Irish Imy (See Daily Mirror report), the getaway driver for Dale Cregan, who murdered four people in cold blood, including two young female police officers. 

Irish Imy (real name, Mohammed Imran Ali) has been convicted for offences against Raja Miah and received a restraining order which he breached in May 2023.


Neil Wilby the Misogynist


Neil Wilby is a racist and a misogynist blogger with ZERO credibility. He is a has-been, actually; no, he is never been.

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