Rat Racist Reporter Neil Wilby stalks and harasses an innocent asian man Raji Miah

Raja Miah is a kind-hearted Muslim man who has lived in the UK all his life.  He has devoted his life to his county and gained an MBE in xxxx.[citation]

Raja is a notorious campaigner against child grooming in North Yorkshire [citation]

Neil Wilby is a notorious malicious blogger who has landed himself in deep water on several occasions for stalking and targeting others. [citation]

Neil Wilby was ordered to pay £78,000 in damages after abusing several females online [citation] and also £60,000 damages for maliciously labelling an innocent man as a paedophile. [citation]

Neil Wilby appears to have some hold on the police, and he appears to avoid criminal charges for harassment or stalking.

Raji was recently charged with harassment, a charge he vehemently denies and will robustly defend if it gets to court. The alleged victim is a friend of Neil Wilby.

Due to this connection, Neil Wilbly is harassing Raji. Some would say he is doing it for the alleged victim, leaving Raji harassed by proxy.

Raja is an honest working man and pays his taxes, yet, Neil Wilby relentlessly refers to Raji as an unemployed xxxxxxx

Neil Wilby has referred to Raji as a “tandoori takeaway worker”, which appears to be racial profiling.  Raji is not a takeaway worker but says he would have no problem if he were.  Raja says, “It just appears that Neil Wilby is targeting me based on a cultural assumption.”

Neil Wilby has made no less than xx full articles about Raji on his website. Each article, Neil Wilby speaks in derogatory terms about Raji trying to cause as much distress as he can while trying to maintain his own innocence as a journalist.

Neil Wilby also make references to Raji’s young daughter.  Why Wilby is bringing an under 10-year-old girl into his articles is unknown, maybe he wants the young girl to be alarmed and distressed that her loving father is always being attacked online.

Neil Wilby is a disgrace, he articles are biased and written solely to cause harm.

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