Rude police staff at West Midlands police – Audio and webchat is available (on request to media)

I reported a crime direct to West Midlands police, both offenders have prior convictions, one has a previous conviction against myself and my wife and is still under a 7-year restraining order.

The other scroat who is obsessed with paedophilia allegations shared a malicious link to a sickening website about sexually targetting and abusing my teenage daughter.

What aggravates this is that the same man was found to have got a minor pregnant in his shady past, confirmed by his own wife. This man appears to be a persistent sex pest.

The dope with the restraining order has now shared (by a 3rd party) a statement he made about me.  He shared it with George Vella of Bedfordshire who shared it online, clearly with the knowledge or approval of the offender.  It was also posted anonymously on another Facebook page either by or on behalf of the defendant.

The restraining order states;

“The defendant is prohibited from having any direct or indirect contact with ——– or ——–, (this includes written, verbal, telephonic, electronic contact on social media and internet websites whether directly or indirectly or via a 3rd party”

The offence was reported and the West Midlands operator reviewed the posting and reviewed the restraining order stating that the breach is pretty clearly made out.  I was told I would be contacted soon and given the log number and an update.

4 days later after getting nothing from this useless police force I contacted them. Coincidentally this is the same police force that Lisa Jeavons (YouTube link) received a final written warning for her malicious conduct towards me and most likely why the force treats me with contempt, aww, because I reported the obnoxious woman to PSD and provided the audio to Crimebodge who made Lisa Jeavons an internet sensation.

I called 101 and waited for an hour, the recorded messages kept saying, ‘use our webchat, it will be quicker and easier‘.  So, I hung up and tried that.  I waited for over an hour before getting connected to ‘Susan’.

This is where the lies and deceit began…

Susan confirmed my full identity before kindly telling me the log reference number (fort time I was given it).  She then told me

“From what I can see, the incident has been dealt with and closed. If you have any further issues please call 101 quoting your log number”

I asked for the reason it was closed and I was told I would have to call 101.  Susan refused to provide me with any reasons even though it transpires they were on the system.

I repeatedly asked for the reasons and for the collar number of the cop who made this decision to close the case without any investigation.  Susan refused, repeating like a parrot for me to call 101.

“Please persist with 101 and we can directly transfer you to someone who is linked with the case”

Susan then repeated

“As mentioned the incident has been reviewed and closed. If you are unhappy with the outcome, you may make a complaint online or in person at a Police Station”

Immediately diverting me to the complaints process?

Considering Susan is police staff and used my personal details to find the log reference.  And from this log reference, she identified on two seperate occasions that the case was reviewed and closed, you may find the following a bit suspicion (typical police lies)

I called 101.  I waited 1 hour 15 minutes, this call is recorded.  The operator was given the reference number provided to me by Susan.  The operator clarified my identity before then telling me that the case was, like Susan had said,  reviewed and closed.

I asked for the name of the decision maker, she told me the log was very lengthy, and she read through it.  She refused to give me any reasoning why it was closed, telling me I needed to speak to the Sgy who made the decision, the person I do not have any clue who it is.

I asked her who the Sht is, but she refused saying she cannot disclose the identity as I could be anyone.  Even though she already identified me and disclosed information about my case so confirming that she had, as far has her own admission goes, admitted to a data breach.

I insisted she give me the Sgts name, she then said he didn’t know it, and would have to read the log again to get it.

I told her i’d wait, but she made more excuses.  She only identified herself as police staff 54046. I asked her supervisor’s name and collar number, she happily identified him as ‘JAG’ and his collar number was 51384.

I asked, why she was happy to release his collar number to me and not the OIC, she was lost for words.  Telling me she has to end the call and JAG will call me back with an update in half an hour.  I used this time wisely to draft my complaint via the IOPC.

This is the icing on the cake

JAG called me, but gave his surname, not the name ‘JAG’ as I only knew him.  I asked if he was JAG and he confirmed he was, I asked what his collar number was and he initially refused, saying, why do you want that?  I told him because you have to give it to me? so he did and stated his number was 51384.

JAG was evasive from the beginning, but after a bit of waffle, he told me that BOTH of his colleagues had given me incorrect information.  He told me that the case was not closed, but that it was PENDING.

I asked who the decision maker was (The Sgt), Jag said I CANNOT CONFIRM THAT.

I said cannot or will not, he said cannot.  Odd that he cannot identify a Sgt in the police who made a decision to be challenged?

I asked how, two independent staff, both using the same log reference number, at two separate times conclude from the same log that the case was reviewed and closed, and now JAG was saying that was incorrect and it was now pending.


I said to Jag, as he was the supervisor, please go into the log and tell me what it says, he said he cannot confirm anything other than the other staff will be spoken to for giving out WRONG information.

Jag was evasive and rude and complaints are now in.  Audio recordings and webchat prove the obvious intent to decieve me, obvious lies by police to keep a victim in the dark.

So far, it is confirmed that crime reports are still pending.  In any event, the restraining order offence has now been privately presented to the Crown Court, and regarding the sicko pervert whelk who likes to target my daughter has had further details passed to the CPS and Magistrates courts for his ongoing private prosecution, of fresh application if rejected.

The dope with the restraining order has admitted in the past that he is linked to several West Midlands police officers who train at his gym, I wonder if the scarlet pimpernel sergeant has any connections…

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