Threats of RAPE and fire bomb ignored by Lancashire police and the PCC Andrew Snowden

Andrew Snowden

In June 2022, a threat was received via Facebook to blow up my motorbike and rape my wife.  The message is Malicious Communications and is believed to relate to Tyler Livesley, off Scott Estate in Ormskirk.

The incident was reported to Lancashire police in June 2022, almost 5 months ago.  Since reporting it, we have had nothing back from Lancashire police, there has been no contact, no statements taken – no investigation.

I also reported it to the Police and Crime Commissioner, Andrew Snowden.  He made a public post that if anyone had any issues with Lancashire police failing to investigate crimes, to get in touch with him.  I contacted him and he has ignored all emails requesting to meet with him to discuss these issues, instead, he gets his lap dog, Ian Dickinson, to write excuse letters.

I posted a message to him on this post,, but rather than respond, he deleted the post. I have re-posted it.  Feel free to go there and ask him to respond.

Ian Dickinson had recently written to me expressing how ‘pleased‘ he was that Lancashire Cybercrime acted so swiftly for another victim, yet, Lancashire police continue to avoid providing my family with any police service.

This is the threatening message I received (below).

UPDATE 28/2/2023  – I have now removed the little fuckers details as the police have confirmed it is a minor!




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