Two innocent people arrested by GMP based on the word of a career criminal – Both NFA

There is some concern that Greater Manchester Police are using their powers of arrest at the beck and call of a career criminal in the Greater Manchester Area.

Under s24(s) of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, the police have the power to arrest anyone on the following basis:

If a constable has reasonable grounds for suspecting that an offence has been committed, he may arrest without a warrant anyone whom he has reasonable grounds to suspect of being guilty of it.

If, for example, a person reports a crime to the police, stating an incident has occured, the police have a duty to undertake all reasonable lines of enquiry, The Crown Prosecution Service (“CPS“) clearly define this here as

Lines of enquiry
The duty under the CPIA Code of Practice to pursue all reasonable lines of enquiry, whether these point towards or away from a suspect, may extend to material in the hands of a third party.

What amounts to a reasonable line of enquiry will always involve considering the facts of, and the issues in, the case including any defence raised. It is important that any enquiry is proportionate, reasonable and necessary. This involves consideration of

    • what is expected to be found through the enquiry to determine what is reasonable in the circumstances;
    • how best to seek that information/material, taking a proportionate approach; and
    • being able to explain why it is needed.

In the following two examples, GMP is shown to have acted on the report of alleged crimes made by the same complainant, taking her word only and not reviewing the available evidence.

In both incidents, GMP had sufficient evidence available to point away from the alleged suspects, showing that no crimes had been committed, but, in both cases, GMP failed to make all reasonable lines of enquiry first.

It is important to point out that the claimant is a person known to GMP and has a string of criminal convictions.

The innocent people arrested are both of good character, and neither have any criminal convictions.

Both incidents were closed with No Further Action, after the damage had been done.


You may have seen from the Channel 4 news report that a rape victim name Kass (not her real name) was arrested by Greater Manchester Police in September 2023. The news report can be seen on YouTube here.

It is now known, from a Subject Access Request(SAR) made after this incident, that the complainant made a report to GMP in April 2023.

For 5 months, nothing was mentioned to Kass, but in September 2023, two GMP officers attended her home and sneaked their way into her home before arresting her. Without going into further detail (as it is already documented in the Channel 4 review), some days later, GMP notified Kass that there will be No Further Action as ‘NO CRIME WAS COMMITTED’.


In March 2023, the same complainant made a report to GMP about Paul.

Like with Kass, GMP attended the home of Paul and arrested him. On this occasion, GMP used a battering ram (an enforcer, as police would prefer it be called) to force entry to Paul’s home.

The alleged offence was a s39 assault.

More interestingly, the report to GMP by the complaint was made on 9th March 2023 yet, the arrest took place almost two weeks later on the 22nd March 2023.

In the time between report and arrest, GMP had acquired CCTV of the alleged incident which took place within the waiting area of Manchester Civil Justice Centre, but, as you will hear from the words of the cocky Inspector Toby Knight, he proudly announced that GMP acted on the word of the complainant made only in a statement.

The audio is a small snippet from a 53 minute recorded call that is being prepared for public release in full. It is potential evidence against Inspector Toby Knight of Misconduct in Public Office.

As you will see from this news article, Toby Knight is no strager to police misconduct proceedings.

On both of these occasions, GMP acted on the word of the same complainant, and did so against all available evidence that proved no crimes had been committed.


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