UK Corrupt police goes viral on YouTube Lancashire police trespass

We have seen a massive response to a recent video posted on YouTube. Almost 100,000 views in 2 weeks!

The video shows how two Lancashire police officers from Ormskirk police station, dealt with a female trespasser who reported she had been blocked in after parking on private property.

The female driver is believed to be a ‘police worker‘ (not confirmed) and had been previously warned about parking on the same private property, so much so, the local media took photographs of her car.  Ignoring the previous warnings, she persisted in abusing the private area.

After being confronted but the property owner after she had parked for almost 9 hours, blocking the entrance, the female called the police.  She did not tell the police that had committed the criminal offence of Aggravated Trespass and went on to accuse the land owner of being aggressive.

Suffice to say, the Lancashire police officers had no concern for the offence of the persistent driver and tried turning it on the landowner, even though he had only sought £10 for the abuse of private property.

The male police officer then thought it reasonable to sit on the landowner’s car bonnet, risking criminal damage to the car.

The Lancashire police officer then gave the trespasser £10 of his own money to pay her parking fee.

The Lancashire police mitigated her wrongdoing by stating ‘she had made a mistake’, a defence that now could be available to anyone committing a minor offence in Lancashire.

Lancashire police had confirmed by letter that this would be recorded as a police complaint.  They also kindly confirmed that they will be taking no criminal action against the landowner for blocking the aggravated trespasser.  Most likely because this would fail the CPS public interest test.

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Lancashire police investigated themselves and found the did nothing wrong.


Lancashire police deny they committed aggravated trespass even though they admitted to it being a ‘civil matter‘ that they were hindering!

Over 6 months have now passed and no further communication from police over the complaint, so the matter has now been reported to the IOPC for non-recording of a complaint.

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