Warwickshire police withhold information about gross misconduct proceedings

After Superintendent Quinn was dismissed for gross misconduct, two female officers also faced gross misconduct proceedings over their involvement, they were also found guilty; however, Warwickshire police failed to publish any of this information either internally or externally.

Recent speculation has stirred a strong debate in the comment section of our previous article,

Before writing this article, we made a request to Warwickshire police to check if there are any reporting restrictions in place, and while they did respond, they said they would not be providing any information on any of the matters raised, one of the matters was to ask if reporting restrictions were in place.

For the purpose of this article, there are two camps. The “Walker Camp” (Aimee Walker) and the “Quinn Camp” (Supt Steve Quinn), and we have ascertained both camps are closely linked to their respective camp in more than just a passing interest.

Superintendent Steve Quinn
Superintendent Steve Quinn
Detective Sergeant Aimee Walker
Detective Sergeant Aimee Walker

What is not denied (by either camp) is that Quinn did have a sexual relationship with Aimee Walker, did face a misconduct panel, was found guilty and was dismissed.

We understand from the Quinn camp that he accepts this but affirms that Aimee Walker played an equal role in the conduct that saw Quinn dismissed.

The Quinn Camp say that Aimee Walker;

  • engaged in consensual sexual activity with Quinn.
  • purchased Agent Provocateur underwear for her meetings with Quinn (supported by evidence)
  • booked and paid for a room at a hotel in Dunchurch to meet Quinn, and
  • she was tracked by her husband to this hotel, but she made up a story to cover up her reason for being there.


The Walker camp has said;

  • I’m related to Aimee Walker, who is mentioned several times [in the discussions of this article]. I know the truth, and it’s far from great,…putting it mildly.
  • She was found guilty of gross misconduct but not dismissed- but this is now being challenged.
  • She should never have been put through a hearing, let alone found guilty.
  • I’m not in a position to disclose further information as to her finding as it’s been challenged directly with Warwickshire via a lawyer.
  • The matter is now firmly with the police and is being investigated via the appropriate channels utilising the current procedures.


The Quinn camp has gone on to say;

  • It’s a load of shite that she is or whoever is talking about a legal challenge, she got found guilty of Gross Misconduct and kept her job with her consensual sexual activity with Quinn she then used a disabled blue badge that was not hers, that’s what got her sacked, fact.
  • Warwickshire Police decided not to publish her Gross Misconduct findings as in guilty either internally or externally, why?”

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