Where is the CCTV, Lancashire and Greater Manchester Police battle it out

In a bizarre battle of lies and deception between Manchester Civil Justice Centre, Greater Manchester Police and Lancashire Police who all point their fingers at each other over CCTV footage that so far, remains undisclosed.

The CCTV was of an incident that took place in the Manchester Civil Court on the 9th March 2023.

To set the scene, two parties attended a civil hearing.

On attending the waiting area, one party was already present and seated (Party A).

The second party (Party B) arrived and took a seat approximately 15m (45ft) away from Party A to avoid any conflicts.

An unknown group of three males stood between the two parties, about 2m (6ft) from party B.

There is CCTV of the incident, but so far, after making several formal requests, Party B has been unable to get a copy.

Disputed Facts (unless labelled FACT)

Party B says

say that before the hearing, one of the three dwarves men approached them, leaned over the shoulder of a female member of that party and threatened to harm her. All members of Party B heard the threat.

FACT: The man transpired to be the boyfriend of the lead member of Party A yet teh men were not sitting with Party A.

FACT: After the hearing, the threatened female of Party B approached the lead female of Party A and asked why her boyfriend threatened her.

Party B say that at this time, the lead member of PArty A jumped back screaming, “stop harassing me” but was at the same time, sticking her middle finger up at party B.

Party A says

The man did not approach and threaten the female

After the hearing, a man (P1) from party B ‘ran at‘ Party A and assaulted them.

FACT: In seperate civil proceeidngs, and related to the same incident, Party A say that ‘People with P1 ran at Party A (not P1).


Both parties reported the incident to GMP.



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