July 16, 2024

Alleged Rape by a serving police officer

This story is of a female, Joanna (not her real name), who was the victim of historical child abuse. She became romantically involved with a (now) still-serving police officer, PC Alistair Gowlands who, she says, raped her.

Joanna tells us she met Gowlands at her gym, on a CrossFit night out and she confided in him, knowing he was a police officer, that she was in a very controlling relationship and that she had had an argument that evening.  

Joanna says that Gowlands ensured her that he would look after her and make sure she was okay.

Joanna says that Gowlands tried to help her overcome her childhood trauma by suggesting she engage in the sordid re-enactments of the child abuse she suffered, with him.

Joanna says she consented to sexual activity with Gowlands based on his assurances that his suggestion would help her, but afterwards, realised that she had been tricked and manipulated into engaging in sexual intercourse.

 Joanna says that she would not have consented had she been in the correct state of mind, she said she felt safe as Gowlands was a police officer.

Joanna says Gowlands manipulated her into the sordid acts and by doing so believes she was raped. She says Gowlands went on to stalk her. It is believed that Gowlands has not denied intercourse but has denied it was rape. The MET police have taken no action.

PC Alistair Gowlands

PC Alistair Gowlands

Rape Crisis says rape, amongst other things, occurs when a victim is tricked or manipulated into sex, even if they consent. It also says that a person who has a mental health disorder cannot necessarily consent.

PC Steve Farrell​

PC Steve Farrell

We have also been reliably informed that Gowlands received horrific porn on a mobile device by a PC Steve Farrell. This incident was reported to the MET police however we are unaware of the outcome of any police investigations.

We have also been provided shocking evidence, in the form of police-taken photographs, of bruising to the jaw, forearm and shoulder.

The injuries are to a former partner of PC Gowlands, allegedly attributed to him but she was apparently persuaded to drop the charges

Assault allegation
Love message

PC Gowlands was also using the police email system for sending inappropriate messages to Joanna from his work computer.

This final piece of information shows how Gowlands shared confidential police information relating to a drugs arrest undertaken by a PC Power.


To our understanding, PC Alistair Gowlands has not been held to account for any of the actions within this artice.

All information has been provided to us in good faith and is a matter of public interest.

Confidential Data

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