Here we provide many other resources from other campaigners relating to exposing the corruption within our so-called ‘system’.

Beyond the Power

A great resource by Jonaya, a law graduate who has completed her Solicitors Qualifying Exams and now in the final stages of becoming a full-time solicitor.

Crimebodge Website
An excellent website dedicated to all things relating to corruption,

Corrupt Police Facebook Page
Open access page which provides links to published articles relating to Police corruption/misconduct.

Police and CPS EXPOSED facebook group
About the group  (taken from the group information)
“The problem starts with the police of course. The problem with the police was recognised and that is why the Crown Prosecution Service was established. It was meant to bring ‘sense’ and ‘order’ into the investigation and prosecution of crime. The police were generally not very well educated and performed a ‘jack of all trades’ role. Matters have become a lot more confused since prosecuting decisions were taken away from the police and handed over to the CPS, and that is the nightmare situation we are now in.

If there’s a particular issue any member would like to see discussed on this page, please comment below on this thread. Plus any article links relevant to the investigation and prosecution of crime (police and CPS). Thank you.”

Police Brutality UK website
Good information about Police brutality and your rights

Shocking Truth about Police Corruption
A good article on Police Corruption in Britain


WARNING: Police Corruption And Wrongdoing Facebook Group (closed group, owned by George Vella and Neil ‘Miggsy’ Wilkes)
We do NOT associate with this group.  The admins, George Vella and Neil ‘Miggsy’ Wilkes are supporters of hate crimes and malicious communications and harassment.  Both Vella and Wilkes have publically mocked a family who was firebombed. We have collected evidence of a torrent of homophobic abuse from within their closed areas, when questioned, we got shut out.  We do not support ANYONE who supports any crimes like these, a number of their acquaintances have recently been charged with criminal offences for Malicious communications & harassment.


If you want to add any new resources to this page, please add them as comments below.




  1. Hi police Scotland angels was set up for people in Scotland and covers Scottish law and the corruption that we are subjected to like our fellows in the other parts of the UK

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