Right of reply

When information is inaccurate, unfair, or just ‘made up’, real people are affected and they should have a right to correct misleading statements.  We therefore support the Media Reform Coalition on Ethical Journalism.

We provide a right of reply to any person who has been directly mentioned in an article on this website.  All verified replies will be published under the related article however, we do reserve the right to redact (or refuse) publication if necessary for privacy or legal reasons. but all verified replies will be recorded and a response will be given.

If a reply to an article alleges false information has been published, we ask for some evidence to support the claim.

We only publish articles that;

  • have been published by us based on information provided to us in good faith
  • are of personal experience
  • from other mainstream media

therefore all due diligence has been completed to the best of our ability.

We do ask that identification may be required for replies unless they come from a verifiable email address.

In most cases, we proactively contact the relevant authority of related articles for comments via their official media outlet.  We do limit replies to with 14 days of publication unless there are extraordinary circumstance for a delay.

If you are mentioned, you may ask your local police force press office to contact us to provide comments.  They must identify a specific article and if necessary, specific wording.