Andrew Snowden the Lancashire police and crime commissioner refuses to meet with victim of police

Andrew Snowden

Andrew Snowden the Lancashire police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) is still refusing to meet with Mr Ponting who has asked him for a meeting so as to present solid evidence to Mr Snowden of police corruption incorporating the former Chief Constable, Andy Rhodes.

Petition to pressure PCC to investigate.

Mr Rhodes is the chair of Oscar Kilo, a group looking after the welfare of police officers.  The Oscar Kilo website says;

Andy Rhodes is Chief Constable for Lancashire Constabulary and national police lead for Wellbeing. He passionately believes that in order to provide the most effective service to the public is by ensuring leaders look after their staff.

Sadly, Andy Rhodes is alleged to have overstepped the line and allowed one of his constables to knowingly submit perjured evidence in a civil case.  The constable who submitted this perjured evidence for Mr Rhodes is likely being protected within the Oscar Kilo.

Andrew Snowden PCC

Mr Snowden has repeatedly been asked to meet MR Ponting, solid evidence is available that will show that Lancashire police have conspired to harm Mr Ponting after Mr Ponting reported a police informant for threatening to kill his wife and children.

After Mr Ponting reported these threats to kill, Lancashire police refused to help and refused to prosecute the police informant.

Because Mr Ponting went on to challenge the police refusal to take any action, Lancashire police, supported by the Chief Constable has attempted to prosecute Mr Ponting unsuccessfully almost 10 times, and when that failed, they brought a civil injunction against him containing perjured evidence.

On one occasion, Mr Ponting successfully sued Lancashire police for a Malicious prosecution, receiving £35,000 in compensation and police (or taxpayers) footing the bill which had ab estimated legal bill of over £100,000.  Mr Ponting is currently in the process of a further malicious prosecution claim.

It is about time the Police and Crime Commissioner, Mr Snowden did his job.  The PCC website states;

As Police and Crime Commissioner my role is to act as your voice in policing within Lancashire. Listening to your views in the development of the Police and Crime Plan, which acts as a strategic guide for the force, is a key part of this.

So far, Mr Snowden has refused to be the voice for Mr Ponting and has refused to listen to Mr Ponting.  Mr Snowden is sitting back and allowing this to continue, he is allowing Lancashire police waste public money and refusing to hold the Chief Constable to account.

If you are a resident of Lancashire (or further afield) and believe that Mr Snowden should deal with this matter, police send him an email (, referring to this article and asking him to undertake his duty as the elected PCC.


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