Andrew Snowden misleads the public over a £40,000 spend on unnecessary new police hats

Andrew Snowden, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire, has publicly stated that the wasted spending of £40,000 of tax-payers money on unnecessary new police hats has been ‘overwhelmingly positive’. Based on 92 comments from 1.5 million people.

He stated:

“the feedback received from the public has been overwhelmingly positive.”

This is such a vague and misleading comment by Andrew Snowden, which I would say is a huge misinterpretation of the available facts, so I challenged him by making a Freedom of Information Request.

It transpires that this claimed overwhelming positive feedback was on 92 people out of around 1.5 million residents!

In response to the Freedom of Information Request, Andrew Snowden says

I can confirm that we have undertaken a search of our systems and of the 110 responses recorded regarding feedback on police hats, 92 of these were positive (84%). 

So, to back his waste of £40,000 of public money and his glaring abuse of the public trust in him, he is suggesting the overwhelming positive response was that of 92 people.

It would be interesting how many of these 92 people are friends of Andrew Snowden, or maybe friends of those in his office such as Ian Dickinson. Maybe they are blinkered supporters of this overpaid waste of resources. Andrew Snowden is not fit for purpose, he cavorts with the police, pretending to be a cop when his duty is to ensure the accountability of the police.

How can he do this when he is not independent?

Andrew Snowden is intentionally misinterpreting information to boost his public confidence

There are 1.5 million residents in Lancashire, 1.1 million on the electoral role, and yet, only 92 have provided positive comments, and Andrew Snowden deems this as the overwhelming feedback of £40,000 down the drain.

This is not overwhelming feedback, this an intentional fabrication of facts

I would argue that the response from the public has been absolutely minimal, almost non-existent.  Only 110 claimed responses from a select platform of Facebook.  Only 92 people (of 1.5 million residents) appear to support this sheer waste of tax-payers money.

This adds to the increased concerns over Andrew’s £75 million plans which by his own admission, has no information to show how this grotesque expenditure is necessary.

It has been reported that Andrew Snowden is very selective of his audience, so many people who would disagree are just blocked or ignored, with his, ‘don’t like what I do, then go away‘ approach.

Don’t just accept what a politician says!  Ask direct questions and judge them based on their answer or lack of a response.

The following is a further FOI that has been sent to Andrew Snowden.

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