Blocked by Police and Crime Commissioner Andrew Snowden on Facebook for a single comment

Andrew Snowden is the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire and is elected by the public.  His public duties are enshrined in an oath on his website, which includes

Meet and consult with Lancashire residents and communities

For months I have been asking to meet with Andrew Snowden over the atrocities I have suffered by Lancashire police, only to be sidelined by Ian Dickonson, who appears to be doing everything in his power to stop any meeting from taking place.

Today, I posted the following comment on the official Police and Crime Commissioners’ Facebook page saying;

I have asked Father Christmas for a megaphone this year. I intend to visit towns in Lancashire and begin to share my stories of how Lancashire police have attacked me and how Andrew Snowden, the Crime Commissioner, has refused to listen. My story includes how Lancashire police protected a police informant and how it could be argued the police assisted the police informant in his attacks. Also, a bungled arson investigation, and several (failed) malicious prosecutions and Lancs police supporting a lying police officer in court. Preston would be a good starting point. Anyone in or around Lancashire interested in this, please send me a message.


Freedom of speech was oppressively denied, and I was then blocked from his official Facebook page.

It seems Mr Snowden is desperate to block his ears to the issues I want to voice.

He has been reported to the IOPC

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  1. Dorset pcc David sidwick is the same
    If you don’t agree with him he blocks you all I said was weed is less harmful than alcohol
    He is also trying to get cannabis upgraded to class A even though it would bring in millions in tax but isn’t it funny that he use to work in the pharmaceutical industry

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