Call for a Sarah Everard Law – Time to put an end to the police investigating themselves

Sarah Everard was murdered by a serving Metropolitan police officer, Wayne Couzens!

Couzens, 48, was arrested on Tuesday 9th March after the 33-year-old victim of a police officer, disappeared when walking home to Brixton from Clapham in south London last week.

The very person who should be protecting Sarah, brutally kidnapped and murdered her!

Murdering police officer Couzens was accused of two incidents of indecent exposure at a McDonald’s take away in South London on February 28, an offence that would have seen a member of the public arrested and detained.

Police confirmed that an investigation into the indecent exposure incidents was opened but they failed to arrest Couzens on that day.

This is a police officer being treated by the police for allegations of a serious criminal offence.

Now, the police officer has killed an innocent member of the public, Sarah Everard.

The Metropolitan police are now (indirectly) responsible for Sarah’s death.  They protected ‘one of their own’ from criminal allegations, and now Sarah is dead.

The police watchdog (the IOPC) is now investigating whether officers responded “appropriately” to the report linked to Couzens, exposing him indecently three days before Everard disappeared.

The IOPC is far from independent, recently admitting to making an unlawful decision to support Lancashire police who protected a police officer committing perjury!

The public must stand up to the police and now is the time to act.

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  1. Iopc are no longer investigating the flashing incidents. Those complaints have been returned to the Met to deal with

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