Chief Constable of Sussex Police Jo Shiner demonstrates how senior officers avoid complaints

Jo Shiner is the Chief Constable of Sussex Police, in other words, Jo Shiner is the boss of Sussex police.

Failures in Sussex police have been brought to Chief Constable, Jo Shiners attention.  Information sent to the Chief using her direct police email address ( have been delivered, therefore, has been received.

Given that the complaints against Sussex Police (Jo Shiners Police force) are so serious and breach several legislative offences (with legal action now underway), she has failed to address her failures.  I say her failures, as she is responsible for ‘her force’ and ‘her staff’.

Authority can be delegated, but responsibility cannot

A complaint was made about CC Jo Shiner based on the failures to act after bringing to her direct attention failures of her force resulting in a wanted man (Taz Ryder) committing further offences when there is a warrant out for his arrest.  Sussex police have confirmed he is wanted but say they have not bothered to go to home address of Taz Ryder to actually arrest him.

In a nutshell, Sussex police force IS the responsibility of the CC, Jo Shiner.  She is the boss and yet, the response to the complaint says;

The basis of this allegation was ‘the failure of the Chief Constable to act on information sent to her in relation to your investigation’.

To consider your concerns raised, I have made enquiries with Sussex Police. I can confirm that the Chief Constable Shiner has no knowledge of your case and has not had direct contact with you. I understand that you had sent her information directly, however, the Chief Constable delegates authority to senior officers and managers for individual areas as detailed within the Chief Constable’s Scheme of Delegation.  In your case the Chief Constable’s Staff Officer Temporary Chief Inspector Bohanna.

This in itself is masked with lies and deceit.

Fulls response below


How can Mark Streater, the Chief Executive & Monitoring Officer for the Crime Commissioner (Katy Bourne), say Jo Shiner has ‘NO KNOWLEDGE’ of my case?

Did Mark Streater personally ask Jo Shiner if she had knowledge?

Did anyone ask Jo Shiner if she had knowledge?

If so (and she said no), did Mark Streater ask her why, considering the information is in her ‘public office’ police email account?

As Jo Shiner has been sent several emails to her police email address as a public official, does this mean that Jo Shiner does not bother to read her work emails?

Does this mean someone else is intercepting them and not notifying the intended recipient?

There have been responses to the emails, none of which indicate that Jo Shiner is not receiving them, all indicate they are safely received.

One such response, clearly address from ‘Jo’, says

Hello, I am currently out of the office until MONDAY 4th JULY 2022.  If it is urgent please contact either the DCC’s officer, my staff officer, CI Bohanna or my PA, Anna Longden  in my absence.
Many thanks

This may be an automated response, but it indicates that it will be reviewed. It gives an ‘option’ to contact others (which was not taken),

It does not in any way say the CC will not receive it, and does not say it has been delegated.  It has also been digitally signed by the intended recipient, the Chief Constable Jo Shiner, and the response was received from her formal email address (  Therefore, any reasonable person would believe that Jo Shiner has both got the email and the notification indicates she will respond.

The following promise made by Jo Shiner was taken from this official source

On becoming Chief Constable of Sussex, Jo set out three clear priorities:

  • To protect communities

  • Catch criminals

  • Deliver an outstanding service to victims and witnesses


And it goes on to say.

Throughout her career she has been committed to taking a preventative and proactive approach to policing


While you consider her published priorities, her claim of preventative policing  and the Crime Commissioners response of the complaint, you may want to watch the following light hearted video by Billy Connolly, with what may be deemed an appropriate response.


Police ‘blind to crime’

So, when is a Chief Constable deemed as ‘aware’?

Does ignorance of the failures become a valid defence to knowledge of the failures under your direct control and responsibility?

Why are Chief Constable avoiding being held to account?

A civil claim is currently under review, the recipient will be, CC Jo Shiner, or should that be Jo Shyster?



Jo Shiner has been asked for her comment on this article.


  1. I have sent in a complaint about Sussex police to Sussex police, hoping that I didn’t have to go through the ipcc. Unfortunately no response. I have had ongoing issues with a neighbour since September and reports have been sent in twice the police turned up but nothing done I was attacked in front of witnesses called police gave witnesses details etc this was 11th November 13th November received a letter stating that an officer would be in touch yet even after calling on two more occasions nothing! I now wish to make an official complaint,

  2. Jo Shiner has avoided my communications since Jan 2000 when her officers broke the law and I wanted to discuss the matter with her. Literally like banging your head against a brick wall. Nearly 3 years on and am still trying. I will never stop until this corrupt police force talks to me and resolves the situation. Obviously they look out for each other and are protecting their reputation. FOI requests are more often than not very late and they consistently breach data protection laws and get away with it!

    Just like all police forces, they are a bunch of hypocritical morons that simply do not really care about the misery and upset they bring to families.

  3. The only way to make these idiots accountable is to ensure that any civil actions awarded to a complainant against a Chief Constable MUST be paid for by that officer out of her/his personal assets. In other words wages, perks and pension pots. Why should tax and council tax payers pay up for these incompetent clowns ? Most Maare only good at BS on resume’s and interviews. Great on buzz words and fluff. Too many box ticking duffers are getting gigs as Chief Constables when they are all sizzle and no steak !

  4. This chief constable is not a lone. Hampshire Police chief constable OLIVIA PINKNEY has allowed 257 crime reports in 29 months to go un-investigated , accused in writing by me at least 10 times of being involved somehow with FREEMASONERY (again straight to her direct e mail) She has responded on 3 occasions then refused any further dialogue. Clearly there’s a trend in the British police to ignore the VICTIMS in favour of the criminals ? or could it be a female senior officer thing to bury crimes, ignore crimes, refuse to authorise investigations into crimes. Also she authorises the use of civilian staff to carry out officer duties. Now subject to a civil lawsuit as it seems the only way forward.

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