Chief Inspector and at least 26 police officers arrested

ONE Chief Inspector, at least 26 police officers and nine force staff have been arrested across the region since 2014, according to figures obtained by The Northern Echo.

Officers and employees at Northumbria Police, Durham Constabulary and Cleveland Police have been arrested for offences including rape, child abuse, sexual assault, possession of Class A drugs and drink-driving.

In 14 cases across the region, no further action was taken following the initial arrest but at least three others were dismissed and 11 cautioned or convicted at court while six individuals who were cleared at court were disciplined internally.

At least 14 individuals arrested were allowed to resign from their role rather than face police misconduct hearings.

A Freedom of Information request by The Northern Echo found that a Chief Inspector, a sergeant,14 PCs or PCSOs (Police community Support Officers) and seven staff members working for Northumbria Police had been arrested.

One was cleared at court over the rape of a man and another cleared over inciting a child under 13 to engage in a sex act. Both resigned prior to police misconduct hearings.

A further six Northumbria employees resigned ahead of internal disciplinaries.

Two had been convicted of drink-driving, one fined for assault, another received a penalty notice for being drunk and disorderly and one was cautioned for fraud. Another was cautioned for unauthorised access to computer material with intent and resigned after 21 years’ service.

One Northumbria staff member was dismissed for drink-driving.

In Durham, three officers, four PCSOs and one staff member were arrested, while the figures for Cleveland Police were nine officers and one member of support staff.

Two Cleveland Police officers were dismissed for offences relating to the possession of Class A drugs and theft, though they were both cleared in court.

Another retired after being investigated over an allegation of misconduct in office while a staff member resigned after pleading guilty to drink-driving in court.

Four Durham Constabulary officers cleared in court resigned or retired prior to facing misconduct hearings.

The offences they were accused of were: bribery and perverting the course of justice, misuse of force systems and inappropriate actions with a vulnerable woman, inappropriate action with a woman while on duty and sexual assault.

A PCSO was dismissed from the force after being prosecuted for drink-driving and another drink-driving staff member received a final written warning after being disqualified from driving for 12 months in court.

Another officer was cleared in court but given a written warning over discreditable conduct in relation to breaching the data protection act.

North Yorkshire Police refused to provide figures, saying that the information was not “in an easily retrievable format”.

Darlington MP Jenny Chapman, formerly Shadow Prison Minister, said: “Police officers should be subject to the same law as everybody else.

“It is good that the law is being upheld as vigorously with people who serve in the police as with other citizens.”

In relation to officers resigning prior to misconduct hearings, she added: “No individual should be able to evade being subject to proceedings by resigning from their post. It undermines public confidence.”

Spokeswomen for Cleveland Police and Durham Constabulary said any allegation of a criminal offence against a serving officer or member of staff would be investigated and dealt with in the same way as any other case.


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  1. Well I need to be anonymous in order to be safe from cleveland police ongoing corruption. This might be known to you or it should be. Police are charged in cleveland for serous offenses and walk away from court free as the crown prosecution service deliberately do not formulate a firm prosecution to display to the court and judge. Many judges are happy and willing to keep cleveland as corrupt as it is as they have been involved in the conviction of innocent people that get in the polices way. Cleveland police have been for more than 20 years I am aware of planting evidence, dealing drugs, child abuse and child porn, targeting individuals and receiving warrants from judges without evidence and were the judge is more than happy to help on fishing expeditions. They have been falsifying crime statistics for more than 20 years and if they use the same methods, one being giving a crime a reference number that many times does not enter the database as a crime unless the crime is solved or there is likely to be an insurance claim. The home office is the government department thats responsible for all police forces in the uk and its objective is to keep crime as low as possible and that responsibility is not taken lightly when investigating police forces like cleveland police. They send in an investigator who works with neighboring police departments to arrest the alleged corrupt police officers but the real purpose of the investigation and arrests is damage limitation as seen by the lack of imprisonment and as cases fall apart deliberately in court with the help of the crown prosecution service and are either dropped by the so friendly crown prosecution service and the judge of the day. The Legal system does not state the law must be upheld but is says something like, the law must be seen to be upheld by a courtroom conscientious observer and so the crown do their part so do the witnesses from the police and the public if giving evidence are told by the prosecution what to say.
    You know all this I am sure. The police chief befriends the local media by inviting the reporters to functions at head office functions and elsewhere.
    Your probably getting board right now but after many investigations into cleveland police corruption I know several corrupt police still with high up positions who have not even been mentioned in the corruption investigations. what is also unbelievable is that sean price was involved in acts of serous corruption that have never came to light. there is so much corruption in cleveland police that when i hear of someone saying evidence was planted then it is a reasonable assumption. i cant mention all departments that are especially corrupt as i need to remain anonymous and so does my typing.
    collect the information on how crimes are initially logged when reported and evidenced to and follow that process to get to a closer to real crime figures. people are often persuaded not to put a crime in writing as then there is no crime reported. there are several methods used and some are illegal. Operation Forbes – operation lancet in 98 and many more in between. illegal wire taps – planting – evidence – illegal warrants – generating false Intel – working with drug lords – giving drugs for evidence – victims of police harassment in fear as reporting this is not an option – the eventual arrests of police that rarely come to anything are low level and do not represent the real deep rooted culture of crime and corruption in this force. if you can imagine it then cleveland police are most likely involved in it so if you are a real reporter wanting to uncover these big stories then be careful as getting the occasional heads up on a story coming up ahead of time from clevleland police is the safer option.

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