Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy turns blind eye to corruption

Merseyside’s Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy has been provided with evidence of corruption within Merseyside police yet turned a blind eye.

A letter from an MP was sent to Jane Kennedy to which she simply refused to investigate even in light of the substantial evidence she had been provided with.

Serious allegations of police corruption were provided to the Crime Commissioner and Local MP, as Merseyside police themselves tried brushing the allegations under the carpet.

After many complaints, the evidence was provided to Jane Kennedy as she has authority over the force (Chief Constable).  She replied stating corruption was dealt with as an operational issue and she can only deal with the Chief Constable.. the person over the entire police force.

So, allegations of corruption, supported by evidence should and could (and most likely has) been seen by the chief constable… so, how does it stop.



More to follow…


  1. The Police target people, in collusion with unlawful Israeli espionage by the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs.

    People’s live get affected.

    People get angry.

    Incidents like Raul Moat and Dale Cregan happen.

    Police appear all innocent and blameless.

  2. I’ll tell Merseyside Police this:

    Next time one of your Israeli Embassy agents or activists come at me, I’ll stab them in the throat, even if they are wearing a uniform. There is a line, and as a Police force Merseyside Police have crossed it.

  3. Lives on Score Lane, Childwall.
    Divorced (unfaithful)
    Has two sons.
    Member of the Friends of Israel.

    Should be careful who she targets on behalf of foreign governments because they often have international enemies with more ‘firepower’ than Merseyside Police.

    Not the only one to sell people out to foreign governments.
    The Lebanese and Iranians have entire elite military units to deal with Zionist terrorists and those who sell out to them.

  4. It’s not a coincidence that Jane Kennedy resigned the same week her protector and friend , Luciana Berger quit because people refuse to fight for Israel.

  5. If you’re in a position of power and trust, sell out to the highest bidder.

    Follow Jane Kennedy’s example.

    Jane, if you’re willing to sell people out to the Israeli’s, I’m sure the Albanians, Russians and Mexicans will give you more money; if they aren’t already.

    P.s. Could get your mate Elise to pay back the £80,000,000 they defrauded from Liverpool City Council and Chinese investors? Like the Banksy photo, that money ended up in the middle east (surprise surprise!)

  6. The real corruption are the secret payments to Jane Kennedy by the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs.

    Who was targeted by Merseyside Police, on behalf of the Israeli Embassy?

    What information has been passed?

    Why did a Police Commissioner take money from a foreign government?

    Who else does she / has she received money from?

    What role does Elise Beilin, wife of disgraced businessman Sam Beilin have to play in this?

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