Disgrace of a judge gives sick police paedophile predator a suspended sentence

This is HHJ Kaul QC.  She presided over a recent case where a police officer was only given a suspended prison sentence for some of the most sickening offences.

Kalyani Kaul QC was appointed a Circuit Judge in 2015 and sits at Snaresbrook Crown Court London.

Kalyani Kaul heard a case where a former Met police officer,  Det Con Paul Allgood, 60, was found to have images of children, 32 of the images described as the worst kind, on his laptop computer.

Not only that, but the same ex-Met police officer admitted to filming a schoolgirl, aged 13 or 14, in an upskirting incident.

This is clearly the work of a sexual predator and had worked within the police specialising in investigating sex offences.

Kalyani Kaul heard how Paul Allgood Enfield home was raided on 4 June 2019 and Allgood initially blamed his family members when sickening illegal pictures and videos of children were found on his laptop and other devices.

So not only was this low life ex-cop no doubt pleasing himself over the abuse of other children, he then took it upon himself to feed his sick desire in taking photographs of young teenage girls up their skirts, and when he was caught, had the nerve to blame his own family members for his heinous crimes.

No wonder the police are seemingly neck-deep in paedophilia when the courts fail to put these sick bastards in prison when they are caught.  It is almost like the judiciary is protecting the police and in many ways failing the abused children that are subject to perverts like this.

We wonder if the parents of the abused children found on the computers are aware their children were victims of this ex-cop and of the judge who believed their abuser should be allowed to walk free.


  1. Awfully wrote article . The wording is has weak has the judges ruling .
    Journalism is about expressing this work is like the work a teen would write in a school paper .

    • haha, and an equally poorly written criticism by someone who appears to have failed literacy at school.

      • I think Phil could work for the Police. Or am I just paranoid from the constant Police harassment lol

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