Ex-cop who said he was ‘Teflon’ as crimes wouldn’t stick jailed for 28 years

Ex-cop who said he was ‘Teflon’ as crimes wouldn’t stick jailed for 28 years

A former police officer told one of his sexual abuse victims there was no point in reporting him because he was ‘Teflon’ and the claims ‘would not stick’.

Kevin Bentley, 69, used his position of authority as a ‘shield’ against being exposed for the ‘horrific’ abuse of five women and one girl.

But he was jailed for 28 years on Tuesday, after Durham Police spent three years investigating one of their own former officers.

The ‘sexual sadist’ was caught after a victim came forward and reported Bentley in 2018 – 12 years after he had retired in 2006.

Investigators slowly found his other victims and discovered he had been abusing people for years.

Although his crimes were not related to his job, he often used his job to scare people away from reporting him.

At one point, he aggressively told one of them he was ‘Teflon’, comparing himself to the non-stick pan brand, and mockingly urged her to call the police.

But his six victims all testified at his trial at Durham Crown Court last month.

The ‘dangerous offender’ was convicted of 24 out of 25 serious sexual and physical assaults.

Judge James Adkin said Bentley posed a ‘significant risk’ of offending again and slammed the man for his ‘hubris’.

Bentley’s sentence means he will spend at least 18-and-a-half years behind bars.

When he gets out, he will be on licence for a further six years.

He has also been banned from ever contacting any of his victims again, with life-long restraining orders.

Detective Constable David Hannan, who led the investigation, said: ‘Kevin Bentley repeatedly subjected his victims to horrific abuse and now faces many years in prison to reflect on the trail of damaged lives he has left behind.

‘Above all, our thoughts are with those women who were strong enough to give evidence to bring their abuser to justice after all this time and hopefully begin the process of moving forward with their lives.

‘I hope this conviction will reassure all survivors of abuse that, no matter who the perpetrator is and no matter what the circumstances may be, they can be confident that if they come forward we will listen, and we will investigate.’

Detective Chief Inspector Dave Cuthbert, head of the force’s Professional Standards Department, said: ‘While these offences were not related to Bentley’s role as a police officer, they do not reflect the high standards of Durham Constabulary, the standards exemplified by the diligent and dedicated officers who worked to bring him to justice.’

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