Guess who: The mystery ex-Cleveland Police officer facing claims of ‘weed, texts and fake sickies’

A former Cleveland Police officer is accused of assaulting his girlfriend, whose garage had allegedly been used to store a cannabis factory.

Investigators also claim the policeman hid a knife under his girlfriend’s bed, with texts uncovered on his phone allegedly informing her it was there to use as a weapon “just in case something happens”.

They are just some of the six claims of misconduct facing the officer – although his identity is being kept a secret.

A criminal investigation into the claims was launched but a Cleveland Police spokesperson confirmed no action was taken.

However he now faces a misconduct hearing later this month, following a probe by the force’s Professional Standards department.

If the allegations are proven, he could be banned from ever working as a policeman again.

Texts between the officer and his partner will form part of the evidence against him.

Among them, messages which allegedly show the pair “engaged in a dishonest enterprise relating to a financial transaction”.

According to a notice on the force’s website, other messages show him using “inappropriate and discourteous” language about his workmates, while in others, he allegedly tells his girlfriend – on two occasions – that he was ringing in sick to work, when he was actually fit and well.

Those messages were allegedly sent during the first half of 2019. However, as the year progressed, things took a more dramatic turn for the pair.

On May 27, police allegedly stumbled across the cannabis factory.

“(He) was present outside his girlfriend’s home address, when police officers arrived at the property and inadvertently discovered a cannabis factory in the garage,” states the notice of misconduct proceedings.

“His identity was only discovered when his warrant card had been found in his girlfriend’s bedroom and he also allowed other(s) present to lie to officers at the scene.”

And on October 11, it is alleged he assaulted his girlfriend in her own home “by hitting, punching and/or pushing her”.

The hearing is scheduled to take place in public on August 23, at Middlesbrough’s Cleveland Community Safety Hub.

A spokesperson for the force said the independent legally qualified chair, appointed by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, has determined the officer would not be named.

The reason for this has not yet been made public.

However, in the notice, the force states: “These allegations, individually and cumulatively amount to gross misconduct because police officers are expected to treat people with respect, act with honesty and integrity and not become involved in criminal or dishonest activities.”

If a ruling of gross misconduct is reached, not only could the officer lose his job but he could be added to the Police Barred list – prohibiting from ever working for a force in the UK again.

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