Huddersfield super ‘FOD’ police officer who attacked defenceless puppy to face misconduct hearing

The misconduct hearing for a Meltham police officer who was convicted of mistreating a spaniel puppy will be held later this month we can reveal.

Greater Manchester Police firearms officer Sgt Martin Dunn sparked outrage after punching a terrified springer spaniel after it pooed on his lounge carpet.

Sgt Dunn, who earns £44,000 a year patrolling Manchester Airport, punched the pet several times on the evening of March 14 and was convicted of mistreating the animal at Leeds Magistrates’ Court.

A CCTV video of the incident taken by a neighbour captured the shocking cruelty as the officer swore at and laid into the defenceless pet.

Sgt Dunn’s solicitor successfully requested an adjournment last month and the hearing will be held at 10am on Friday, 26 November.

It’s understood he now has restricted duties and does not have access to a firearm.

Following media coverage, more than 21,000 people signed a petition calling for his removal from the Force.


  1. Re Martin Dunn, firearms officer GMP
    misconduct hearing ov 26 2021
    Do you know the result of this hearing.
    I emailed GMP but they
    Said “,they will not disclose the information” to me.
    2nd email to them, told me to check list if misconduct hearings, officers are not named but I could match up offence, date etc.
    This offence did not appear on there.
    Also told me to contact professional standards in that case but no response from them.
    There was such a huge media interest at the time but no follow up about the result of the

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