Inspector Susan Ennis sent malicious email to victim of crime

Inspector Susan Ennis of Merseyside PSD  (Police Professional Standards Department) inadvertently sent a malicious email to a victim of crime.  Inspector Susan Ennis

The email was intentionally sent to Inspector Ennis from another member of PSD of a lower rank and was derogatory towards the victim.  Rather than bring misconduct charges agsinst the other officer, Inspector Susan Ennis accidentally sent it to the victim causing the victim alarm and distress.

PSD where supposedly investigating a crime against the victim who now has no faith in Merseyside Police.    The victim had made a complaint against a Police Officer which is dealt with by PSD however the victim was met with derogatory comments from PSD who are supposedly there to investigate Police conduct however the email shows that they did not have the victims best interests at heart.

Both Police officers contacted the victim and grovelled an apology but this was not accepted by the victim as the email was clearly intended to be derogatory to the victim.  Complaints have been made against both Police officers although Merseyside Police have passed these complaints to Merseyside PSD to investigation.


    • What aload of bull… this police officer is the most professional police offficer I have ever dealt with! And will deal with any genuine victim with the upmost respect and dignity!

      What a shame your not genuine

      • Matty
        Why would you say I am not genuine? I have the email that she sent to me. I also have an hour long telephone recording from her lying about it and making false promises about an investigation that never took place. This is currently under police investigation. Just because you have had an apparent ‘good’ experience (lucky you), does NOT mean that anyone else can have or has had a ‘bad’ experience.

        Your argument is a bit like saying, “Harold Shipman was a good man because he did not kill me”

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