OTS News Southport owner Joel Rodwell investigated by Police

Joel Rodwell OTS News
Joel Rodwell OTS News

OTS News Southport owner and editor Joel Rodwell

OTS News Southport Joel Rodwell
Joel Rodwell Malicious Communication

Joel Rodwell, the owner of OTS News in Southport was reported to Merseyside Police by a local businessman for ‘Malicious Communications’. Comments published on OTS News Southport by Joel Rodwell were untrue, malicious and grossly offensive.

Joel Rodwell threatened the local business man simply because the business man (victim) had left an honest negative review about the OTS News Southport Facebook page.

The honest negative review left on the OTS News page simply pointed out the  biased reporting tactics of OTS News and their failing to give a right of reply in articles which unethical reporting.

Joel Rodwell who is a professional PGA Golf instructor, had personally sent an email to the victim threatening to post an article, maliciously brandishing the victim as a Paedophile.

The paedophile allegation that Joel Rodwell was threatening the victim with is totally malicious in an attempt to scare the victim to remove the review about OTS News.

Rather than be threatened, the victim contacted the Police via 999 however, Joel Rowell of OTS News Southport published his malicious comments anyway so over 9,000 readers of OTS News in Southport we able to view it.

OTS News in Southport is a notoriously unethical media outlet and it is understood that Joel Rodwell had no Journalistic qualifications.

Merseyside Police were again called after it was posted and they confirmed that the posting by Joel Rodwell was malicious.  Joel Rodwell was later interviewed by Merseyside Police under police caution.

Joel Rodwell ‘cowardly’ blamed the email that he himself had sent on his recently deceased father to avoid prosecution (even though the email actually originated from Joel Rodwells personal email address).

Joel Rodwells terminally ill father (Phil Rodwell) was in Queens Court Hospice at the time of the offence but the Police still refused to investigate even after intervention by the local MP’s Office, saying that as the father had died, they could not investigate.

The evidence against Joel Rodwell was robust and the victim has provided the IP address of the email to the Police showing the offenders (Joel Rodwell’s) physical location, being Southport, Merseyside, from a Sky Broadband IP address from where he sent the email.

The Police failed to investigate and even fabricated evidence saying that the IP address originated from the USA not knowing the victim was an IT expert and already identified the emails source location.

The victim had already proven to the Police that the IP address originated from Merseyside and was a valid Sky Broadband account but the Police alleged that their ‘High Tech’ crime unit had investigated.

Police have been unable to provide the victim with the High Tech crime unit report though which simply cannot exist.  

It appears that Merseyside Police fabricated this report to ensure no action was taken against Joel Rodwell who happens to report on local incidents including Police incidents, we are looking into suggestions that Joel Rodwell or his father is or was a Freemason?

The victim stated
“I know it was Joel Rodwell by the tone of the emails and am aware that his terminally ill father does not construct emails like this, especially on his death bed!  I work in technology and the IP address from the email that Joel sent originated from Merseyside, there is no doubt about that.  The Police high tech crime unit where supposed to use this information to pin point the actual address, but I was told that it was in the USA.  I was shocked at this as I knew it was impossible. I do not believe the high tech crime unit have been involved and think the Police invented this in an attempt to avoid prosecution of Joel Rodwell”

Chief Inspector Nicholas Gunatilleke of Merseyside Police said
“I do not know why you were told the IP address was in America, there may well be a perfectly reasonable reason for this”

Unfortunately no reason has been provided by the Police for this grossly inaccurate error that has resulted in an alleged crime of perverting the course of justice by Merseyside Police for refuse to record as a crime and ‘dismissing’ crucial evidence?


UPDATE: 26/4/2016
Investigation has been reopened by Merseyside Police with additional evidence.



I encourage official new outlets to contact Merseyside Police Media Enquiries regarding this.


  1. IT expert my arse, anyone can check the location of an IP address it is not hard just google it. It is not solid proof, as it only gives a rough estimate of location and how many people use that ISP? Another thing it is very easy to mask a email address as someone else’s. Unfortunately everything you are talking about is a load of crap get your facts right, oh yeah and check your grammar/spelling if your this all mighty journalist.

    • Yep, IT Expert, thanks, but rather not see your arse! Been in the game 30+ years. No, not solid proof, but proves the IP originated from Merseyside which was the point Merseyside Police say they tracked it to the USA but when I intervened they scuttled back into their holes. You say everything I am talking about is crap, really, so you have more info have you 🙂 Obviously a mate of Joel Rodwell otherwise you would not try to defend the scum.

  2. What a crock of shit just another person trying to destroy the truth by coming forward to cause harm if I was Joel I would for sure sue this person and if not let his details released so I know my daughter is safe of sons if he is that way inclined

      • Maybe if you identify yourself I may enter into a discussion with you.

        Posting with these credentials shows you are a keyboard warrior.

        I see you are in the Northwest, what is the odds you are a friend of the coward Joel Rodwell?

          • How slippery you have become. Several of my revealing remarks are NOT showing and it clearly states. ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation.’
            And no, you are wrong about the ICO and revealing posters’ private data under the Data Protection Act 1998. Via revealing this you place your readers under serious threat of fraud etc via scammers etc so you are breaching privacy regulations.

        • Ah, so perhaps a memo to the ICO stating how you have breached the Data Protection Act is now in order Mr Ponting?…..

          • I think you are a dick to be honest, the ICO relates to businesses, not individuals. As for you posting anonymously, who is the coward keyboard warrior? Stand up and name yourself (I guess Aaron). I have not deleted any fair questions, all you have done is slagged me off anonymously. Who is the coward here!

            From the ICO
            “If you have a concern about the way an organisationis handling your personal information – perhaps they hold information about you that is incorrect, they have held it for too long, or they are not keeping it secure – we may be able to help you do something about it.”

            Your details again:

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