Judicial Review against the IOPC relating to Lancashire police conceded

The IOPC has conceded that they made an error after Judicial Review proceedings were brought against them.

A complaint was made against a Lancashire police officer of perjury one which, if proven, could see the officer imprisoned.

The allegation was backed with conclusive evidence (CCTV) that proved the officers lie.  The lies resulted in an unsafe conviction.

The conviction was subsequently overturned on appeal after the CCTV (that was being unlawfully withheld by Lancashire police) was released.  This was after a court order was made and granted forcing Lancashire police to release it.

On seeing the CCTV, the CPS accepted the appeal without hesitation and without an appeal trial.

The complaint was of;

  • Lies on oath by PS O******* [acting Inspector at the time] regarding the use of his foot and the subsequent failure to investigate the alleged assault by Insp A***** J****.
  • Lies on oath by PS O*******, PC P*****, and PC K****** regarding the arrest.
  • Alleged malicious prosecution.

The full details of this perjury incident are in this article.

Due to the absurd reasons for refusing to record the complaint by Lancashire constabulary (obviously trying to protect their officers), the matter was referred to the IOPC.  Bizarrely, the IOPC, (against the Police Reform Act 2002), failed to uphold the complaint.

Judicial Review proceedings were then brought against the IOPC decision.

The IOPC, on further investigation of the Judicial Review proceedings, conceded and agreed that their decision is ‘quashed’.  An application to the court has now been made to quash this decision, the IOPC has agreed to all reasonable legal costs to do this.

This shows that while the system ‘does work’, it highlights the extraordinary lengths the police and the IOPC will force a complainant to go before they concede.  Not many lay people will go this far and the system is well aware of this.

The primary officer involved in this case also committed perjury in a civil case brought by Lancashire police against the same person.  A case that cost tax-payers almost £40,000.  Lancashire police brought an injunction against the man to stop him from speaking out.

Lancashire police have now been shown to protect officers committing perjury, this is ‘corruption’. (Take note QC David Knifton).

QC David Knifton (while acting as a part-time judge), supported Lancashire constabulary.

He denied the defendant to play evidence in court that proved one of the officers was lying on oath.

David Knifton had full access to a secret recording that shows corruption in Lancashire police and it is alleged that he used his judicial privilege (and masonic links) to keep the evidence under wraps.

The recording has been given to the press.




  1. Cardiff police i had to get through to penarth police middle of the night they are sarcastic on the phone or dont even answer you they attacked me multiply attacks in prison and outside prison with undercover police neighbouring me for the drugs still dont understand whats with the secret suveilance and my data being stolen passwords ect

  2. they love to hurt people so bad and leave them hurt then watch them on secret surveillance like theirs no end crulest people on earth if hitler was they the same 100

  3. Its corruption in anyway iv complained years ago bout a situation that doesn’t exist AND STILL NOTHING how could they watch people struggle and attack them after take them straight to court with a false charge against the victim come on whers the law united kingdom theirs favouritism and sexism dont know if police did do a equality and diversity course its important for them to do so if they haven’t

  4. In this day and age i would of never of believed that Police officers could treat people so badly, but it has now opened my eyes. I now hate them just as much as everyone else because i myself and my friend have been abused by the liars, they had tried to coerce my friend into arresting me. As well as gained evidence to try to arrest my friend because he burnt down his OWN fence! They also treated us both with malice, and we are both vulnerable adults with severe health issues who live in the same house. They refused to search for my friend when he was missing and left him walking the streets vulnerable. After so many complaints i made they have denied all knowledge of any wrong doing.. My self and my friend now do not trust anyone at all any more, esp the Police force that is meant to protect people, instead they only protect their own!! Shame on you all. Bearing what we went though… I will now record all meetings with them and anyone else, and i hope others also do the same! People can not be trusted and the abusers need to be stopped. You see them asking you to report crime, spam, fraud ext.. But they need to take a good look at themselves and do something about themselves.
    The people asking you to report anything, are the ones themselves doing the crime!.. Please protect yourself and record all meetings with anyone esp government and council departments, lets see an end to this abuse, fraud, lies… ext.

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