Judicial Review Update against Bedfordshire police – GRANTED

A Judicial Review application against an absurd ‘decision‘ by Bedfordshire police has been GRANTED

The Judicial Review is for a decision made by Bedfordshire police, NOT to investigate a website, (created by a known man in Bedfordshire), that was published for 12 months which falsely and maliciously labelled an innocent man (the claimant) as a paedophile!

Before their decision, Bedfordshire police took advice from Lancashire police and it was decided that the claimant was (for some absurd reason) ‘not a credible witness‘ and they indicated that the claimant had somehow ‘brought the attack on himself.

The High Court has confirmed that the claimant has an arguable case;

  1. that the defendant wrongly considered the claimant had brought the malicious communication on himself, and
  2. the offences being investigated did not turn on the claimants alleged actions and/or credibility, and
  3. the claimant shows an arguable case of unreasonableness in respect of the decision not to commence a prosecution.

The High Court Judge made no comments in support of the Bedfordshire police reckless decision.

This just goes to show the contempt that Lancashire police and Bedfordshire police have for the victim.  Both forces are under the illusion they can bully him into submission, they can’t and this will pave the way for justice on this and other matters.

A High Court Trial will now commence and Bedfordshire police will need to argue, in public, that they are correct to allow an innocent man to be brandished a paedophile on the internet for 12 months.  Good luck with that!  The website attracted others to attack the same victim, one such attacker was sent to prison.

Even though Bedfordshire police have already conceded to review their flawed decision, they refused to pay legal costs that they were put on notice of should the victim be forced to seek the Judicial Review.  The total costs to date are in excess of £10,000 for the claimant alone, this will significantly rise.

Sadly, Bedfordshire Police will now likely use your money (the public money) to fund their malicious legal defence that may result in a public burden of over £50,000 considering all costs.

In the unlikely event that they win, this would allow ANYONE to publish sickening malicious allegations calling anyone a paedophile. even though others have gone to prison for the very same thing, this would open the flood gates for appeals of convictions and no doubt put many other innocent people at risk of serious injury due to such horrific and sickening false allegations.

The self-confessed suspect did not even get interviewed raising concerns of police corruption?

I would like to thank all those people who kindly sent me money to help with my legal costs to date, I am likely to require additional funds moving forwards and hope I can get additional help.

I have every faith that the High Court will not allow police to allow such malicious crimes to go without investigation.

It is ironic how the claimant was prosecuted (and acquitted) for harassment by Lancashire police in around 2015 for calling a police officer an ‘evil shit‘ in a private email.  Yet, a full-blown public website, online for 12 months, calling the man a paedophile does not get investigated.

Whatever the outcome, criminal prosecution will commence…



What a surprise that a recent malicious comment by a troll has an IP address in Wolverhampton.


  1. Seriously, well done. As I get older with more time on my hands I have seen instances of ‘blatant corruption and injustices’ played out via the www. It is shocking that ‘people in public office’ are able to be access general public funds to protect and defend themselves and yet those holding those to account are expected to risk financially just to be heard. Such officials should be liable personally with loss of office at a bare minimum. Go get ’em?

    • Thanks Chris, the police will realise soon that I am a force not to be reckoned with! The power of publicity for spreading the truth on social medial and the desire for justice will prevail, I adapt and learn. Like Hillsborough and other police corruptions, it takes a great deal of ‘will’ to get justice and I have that. The police have several options to make good, they can contact me at any time, but if they want to keep fighting, then they just dig a bigger hole.

  2. Well done Paul. In the path to justice. It’s so disappointing that the police have failed to do the right thing. Keep fighting , we’re all behind you.

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