Lancashire Magistrate, Paul Brooks resigns from the judiciary after criminal allegations

Today we received confirmation that Mr Paul Brooks, a Lancashire Magistrate (on the supplemental bench), has resigned.

This is believed to be to avoid dismissal after Paul Brooks made admissions of criminality when he was serving as a Charity Chairman and Magistrate

An apology of his admission was posted on the Charity website here, but once it is removed (likely August 2021), it will be available here, on the Google web archive forever.

The Judiciary was notified of Paul Brooks admissions of criminality and that he seemingly lied to the judiciary and police.

The judiciary was also provided with information from a recent Subject Access Request (SAR) where it was released that Paul Brooks, when referring to his victim said “I wanted a last dig at the bastard”!

A worrying comment, especially as an anonymous message from a charity officeholder some time ago suggested that Mr Brooks had used his judicial status to get a guilty verdict on his victim.  Was this his ‘last dig‘?  This guilty verdict was overturned on appeal,  but if the tip-off was true, could see Paul Brooks facing a prison sentence.

The full audio recording has been requested by SAR as it is suspected will contain more incriminating evidence.

The audio recording was not provided, only some transcribed snippets of information.  These snippets show that at least the first 15 minutes of the meeting was spent by Paul Brooks, Lee Townsend and Simon Hanson speaking in derogatory terms against the victim.  Lee Townsend (now sacked) and Simon Hanson who were both officer holders, intentionally defended the illegal actions of Paul Brooks.

Paul Brooks also made some further obscene comments about his victim that cannot be published but has been given to Lancashire police (for what that is worth as they will bury it as usual!)

The Judiciary was also provided evidence that Mr Brooks continued to use the initials  JP (Justice of the Peace) after his name when he was implicitly told by the judiciary he was not allowed to, a total disregard for authority.

The above email evidence was sent by Paul Brooks (using JP) to several people. The email attempted to persuade the charity committee to renegade on a legal settlement. Fortunately, the charity did not act upon Mr Paul Brooks (JP) unlawful recommendations!

Mr Brooks went on to use the charity official letter headed paper for his own private use without the authority or permission of the charity.

Mr Paul Brooks has admitted to knowingly causing Harassment, Alarm and Distress (a criminal offence), but faces criticism for only making the admission after the criminal statute of limitation had passed, this is 6 months for harassment, after which, no criminal charges could be brought against him.  Also after a lengthy and futile legal battle costing the charity donors a substantial sum of money.

Lancashire police were notified of Paul Brooks malicious communications in 2018 but refused to investigate (not unusual or Lancashire police), this is likely because Paul Brooks is (or was) a Lancashire Magistrate and is also an ex-police officer!

Paul Brooks now face civil action against him for the same offence to which he has admitted, he has been served notice.

Mr Brooks has brought the North West Blood Bikes charity into disrepute as well as the Judiciary.

Updates relating to this matter will be added to the unofficial North West Blood Bikes website.

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