Lancashire police LIE to GMP about safeguarding a victim who has life threatened

Lancashire police have intentionally lied to Greater Manchester police (‘GMP’) after a Chief Inspector of GMP (‘the CI’) contacted them out of concern for a victim who received credible information of a threat to his life by way of a contract killing.

The victim, Paul Ponting, received information on Friday, 21st April 2023, that a contract killing has been put in place. An alleged sum of £1,000 has been paid to the would-be hit-man after the contract was circulated amongst the criminal underworld of several Manchester pubs. Several names have been mentioned, as well as specific locations.

Lancashire police were immediately notified, and sufficient details were passed to them of the threat’s credibility and the likely suspects, who are known to have a string of criminal convictions and have potential links to gun crime.

The victim was assured police would get back in contact with him shortly.

After over 24 hours had passed without any further contact, the victim called Lancashire police for an update. This was on Saturday night, 22nd April 2023. Lancashire police claimed to have attempted to get in touch with the victim (false), and then asked the victim for his availability [to provide a statement], and the victim said he was available anytime.

Lancashire police told the victim the next available time is Tuesday (25th April 2023), 3 days later.

After some concerns, the victim was contacted by the CI of GMP, who heard of the contract on the victim’s life and expressed his concerns that Lancashire police were leaving the victim waiting for several days, especially as the CI was aware the victim had to attend a civil hearing in Greater Manchester on Monday, 24th April.  The CI was aware that the suspect(s) of the contract killing would be aware of this.

The CI took it upon himself to make immediate enquiries with Lancashire police about why they were making him wait.

Lancashire police LIED to GMP. They said the reason for the delay was down to the victim’s availability.

Listen to the recording of Lancashire police giving their next availability.


This is a Chief Inspector of GMP confirming Lancs police blame the victim.


The contract killing is believed to prevent a witness from giving evidence in court.

The witness is expected to play audio in a court hearing on Monday so that a Judge can hear a criminal offence being committed in the presence of witnesses.

GMP has confirmed they will be in attendance at the Court.

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