Lancashire police mounted branch Sgt 3915 James Cooper reported for cruelty to horses

Lancashire police sergeant 3915 James Cooper has been captured on a business CCTV blowing smoke into a police horse face, (twice) before saying to the horse, “C’mon you bastard, you’re doing my head in“.

Whatever you may think, vaping is harmful to lungs! and could amount to an offence of assault.

Lancashire police brought their ‘mounted branch‘ to Ormskirk on 30th October for mischief night, but rather than use Ormskirk police station car park for the police ‘shit machines‘, they decided to park their mounted branch horse vehicle on a local business private property, leaving their horse shit behind.

After speaking to the Lancashire police about the shit left behind, Sergent James Cooper from the mounted branch called the business owner back.  Sgt James Cooper said it was ‘petty‘ to report that the police had left horse shit outside private business premises, not even considering they used the privately-owned parking without permission or any authority.

When the business owner asked Sgt Cooper if he would like it if he was to come and shit outside the cop’s house, Sgt James Cooper said, he wouldn’t mind!

The business owner told Sgt Cooper he was filthy for thinking it acceptable to ‘shit’ outside someone’s property, Cooper then spat his dummy stating he was ‘insulted‘ for being called filthy!  Cooper refused to arrange to have the shit removed by local police as they didn’t have the necessary tools… and hung up.

Lancashire police mounted branch  state on their website;

Many of our horses retired through World Horse Welfare and HAPPA in the past; however, because our horses are fit and healthy when they retire, we believed there were horses with needs much greater than ours. For this reason, we decided that we needed to take responsibility for our own horses that have provided a fantastic service to us and make sure they have an excellent standard of care in their retirement.

There is no mention that the horses are subject to the dangers of vape toxins blown in their face!






  1. My dog used to recoil when she got caught in my cigarette smoke. When I stopped smoking and took up vaping I thought I’d see how she reacted to vape smoke, in the name of science. I figure if she recoils from cape smoke then I won’t be so convinced its much better. But for a momentary hesitation where her brain reminded her about cigarette smoke, she didn’t flinch or show any discomfort. Dogs as we know have superpower sense of smell, read into that what you will or just see it for what it is. Regardless, that person has displayed himself unfit to be a citizen guardian.

    • Just because the dog didn’t ‘recoil’ does not mean it is not toxic! Vape smoke has many toxins within it and it is absolutely harmful to animals. Just because they do not ‘recoil’ from the smell, often disguised as sweet fragrances, does not imply it is safe.

  2. This is a cruel evil vile police officer. He’s a drain on the public purse and should be banned from working with animals. What a disgraceful way to treat a animal that’s working with the police in service.Scum of the earth person, should not be working with animals, what’s he doing to the poor people that he deals with if he can treat an innocent animal in this manner? . ????

    • He will make every excuse under the sun, but the fact is, he did it twice, both on purpose. Firstly, he should NEVER have been smoking on duty, or while handling horses, but even so, it was pretty clear he did not try to avoid the horses face, both occasions were clearly aimed into the horses face. He has no business working with animals if he treats them like that.

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