Lancashire police officer blocks a families front door with his boot

On 21st September 2019, a Lancashire police officer with a grudge, attended a family home to deliver a message.  He was asked to leave and told for the message to be sent through the post.

The homeowner closed the front door but the officer thought he would try to antagonise the situation by putting his foot in the door preventing it from being closed.

The homeowner asked him to remove his foot and leave the premises and again tried to close the door, again the officer put his foot there, effectively unlawfully detaining the person and trespass.

Three times the officer was asked to remove his foot, and each time, with a silly grin on his face, the officer kept blocking the door.

On eventually leaving the premises, and witnessed be 3 family members, one of the officers made a childish ‘whoop, whoop‘ sound and laughed at the onlooking family.

The officers then drove off in their police van, the driver of the vehicle put his middle finger up at the family as they stood watching in amazement!

The following day, the family made a formal complaint about the officers’ conduct.

The family also made a Subject Access Request as the officer was wearing his body camera.

Due to the nature of the incident and in line with an apparent ‘police policy‘, a copy the officer’s body-worn camera was requested.

Not surprisingly, the subject access department replied that the officer had ‘not activated his camera‘.

It should be known that the officer involved in this is the same officer who complained about his photograph being published on this website and this may be seen as a vindictive attack to seek revenge.

further details will follow…


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  1. Welcome to “Corrupt UK….Polce and Neighbourhood Watch Networks ,Local authorities now can stalk ,harass ,online and using locals off Facebook and using other onkine apps to pass on the details and location of their victims so they are harass round the clock over years !
    No doubt no neighbours did not witness the incident …it’s now known by those well informed and those of us who are terrorised by these evil networks who they are…and their time is running out where for them to hide from the Public …!
    What they may do as yiu have been sucessful with JR is try placate or silence you and your family .
    You could use lawyers to inform the public of any recent activities or updates .

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