Lancashire police reluctant to charge a Police Informant with perjury

Lancashire police are reluctant to bring criminal charges of Perjury against a confirmed police informant.

Evidence has been presented to Lancashire police (below) which is now with ‘Senior Management’ and has been for over a year.

This evidence was reviewed by a District Judge who said that the evidence was ‘clearly prima facie present‘…  yet Lancashire police are determined not to charge the offender for what is a very serious offence.

Police may, in fact, themselves be committing a criminal offence of Perverting the Course of Justice by intentionally blocking these charges.

There is NO law in the UK that gives a police informant ‘protection from prosecution‘, yet Lancashire police appear steadfast in their abuse of the UK legal system.

Lancashire police know all too well that the person is (or was) a police informant.  This show that Lancashire police are themselves permitting a police Informant to knowingly commit perjury and protecting him from prosecution when presented with the evidence that was verified by a District Judge.

A letter, sent to Lancashire police on August 16th, 2019 received a response saying it was being considered by ‘Senior Management’ who decided ‘not to charge’ the offender for such a serious offence.


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