Lancashire police, when will they learn. IOPC reviewing a perjury allegation

Lying Police

An acting Inspector of Lancashire police, who lied on oath, (on two separate occasions) is now being investigated by the IOPC.

The officer kicked me, he then arrested me for my reaction!

In court, he denied kicking me.  So  I was convicted.  This was because I made a comment that I could use ‘reasonable force’ (in reaction to his assault) was said to be threatening.

Reasonable Force (taken from the CPS website)

A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances for the purposes of (in the alternative): –

    • self-defence;
    • defence of another;
    • defence of property;
    • prevention of crime;
    • lawful arrest.

In assessing the reasonableness of the force used, prosecutors should ask two questions:

    • was the use of force necessary in the circumstances, i.e. Was there a need for any force at all?; and
    • was the force used reasonable in the circumstances?

I had only notified the officer I could use reasonable force, I never used any force.

As he denied it, the Magistrates convicted me as my words were threatening the officer, maybe he pooped his pants a little?

After conviction, I made an application for a Court Order to get some CCTV (my personal recording of the incident) which police seized from me at the time.

Lancashire police knowingly and intentionally withheld this, even though they knew it would show the Acting Inspector kicking me.

I appealed my conviction and on this evidence alone, my appeal was not defended by CPS,  I was acquitted.

I put in a complaint against the officers to Lancashire Police, PSD (aka Police Subterfuge Dept).

As expected, they failed to do anything, police are so comfortable lying in Court that they do not see Perjury (by one of their own) to be an offence!

They even claimed that the evidence (my CCTV) had been ‘tested in court‘… It was in fact withheld from Court?

As my complaint alleges (proves) perjury, a very serious offence, the appeal body must be the IOPC, yet, Lancashire police deemed it appropriate to have the appeal body as the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Perjury Act 1911 clearly states;

(1)If any person lawfully sworn as a witness or as an interpreter in a judicial proceeding wilfully makes a statement material in that proceeding, which he knows to be false or does not believe to be true, he shall be guilty of perjury, and shall, on conviction thereof on indictment, be liable to penal servitude for a term not exceeding seven years, or to imprisonment . . . 

The Officer who lied on oath;

  • was lawfully sworn as a witness.
  • wilfully denied kicking or using his foot against me.
  • This was material as I was convicted.
  • knew his live evidence was false.

The law says, he should face the Court himself and if found guilty, he could face prison.


After an application for the IOPC to review this ‘police decision’ the IOPC replied with the following;

Dear Mr Ponting,
Thank you for your email.
Yes, the IOPC will now consider your review instead of Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner.

The IOPC thankfully set Lancashire police straight, the appeal body was changed to the IOPC and not kept ‘in house’ as intended by the PSD dept.

My appeal has now been sent and I await the outcome which will be made public.

Whatever the outcome, a Civil action for Malicious Prosection will be brought against Lancashire police, and a private prosecution will be considered against the lying officer who’s lies saw me convicted of a criminal offence!

My only saving grace was that I recorded the police.

The reason for the incident in the first place was because Lancashire police did not want to be recorded.

It was not surprising that their own BWV never captured the evidence against them.  Even though they seized mine, they intentionally withheld it knowing it would be devastating to their case.

This shows that Lancashire police cannot be trusted with evidence.

ALWAYS RECORD THE POLICE. If I didn’t, I would have a criminal conviction!


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