Legally Qualified Chair, Deni Mathews, refuses to say why he banned the naming of a police officer sacked for SEX related gross misconduct

On 3rd January, a sergeant of Dorset Police was sacked in a misconduct hearing. Even though this cop took sexual advantage of three junior female officers under his command, his name has been supposedly banned from being published by the Legally Qualified Chair, Deni Mathews,  who is a barrister at KBG Chambers.

This ban was supposedly over welfare concerns of the cop’s family. Read the full article on the Dorset Live Website But, so far, no one will give a justification or reason for this decision, including dodgy Deni who made the decision.

The irony is the cop’s name has already been published by Dorset Police, and although they have now removed it, the cop’s name is still public on some websites and retained in public google caches

We contacted Deni Mathews by email to ask for his rationale for stopping the cop’s name from being published.

Deni’s initial response was

I am afraid It is entirely inappropriate for me to correspond or discuss this matter. 

Yours faithfully

D Mathews

Of course, we were not satisfied with this and rejected that it is at all inappropriate to tell us why he made a decision to block the publication of a dodgy cop who preys on young women.

So far, Deni is refusing to engage in communication, insisting it is inappropriate for him to tell us his reasons.  It is presumed that he is unable to provide a reasonable excuse for blocking the cops’ name so please consider supporting the petition to have the cop’s name published.

Deni has been offered a right of reply to this article.

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