M9 crash victims’ families call for ex-top cop Sir Stephen House to ‘resign’ over involvement in Sarah Everard tragedy

THE families of the M9 smash victims have blasted Scotland’s ex-top cop over his involvement in the Sarah Everard tragedy which has plunged the Met Police into chaos.

Sir Stephen House quit his Police Scotland post following the deaths of John Yuill, 28, and Lamara Bell, 25, whose car left the M9 near Stirling.

The couple died after they were left stranded in a car at the side of the road for three days despite a member of the public contacting Police Scotland in July 2015.

Cops, led by Sir Stephen, were fined £100,000 after admitting failings in their call-handling system.

But the cop chief – now a Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police – has come under fire again after rogue cop Wayne Couzens was sentenced for the rape and murder of Sarah Everard, 33.

He acknowledged warrant cards may not be enough to convince members of the public the holder is a legitimate police officer.

And he claimed members of the public should phone the police control room to check the warrant number and confirm the officer is legitimate.

After the deaths of Lamara and John it emerged a call to cops reporting a vehicle off the road was not followed up.

Sir Stephen apologised to her family and later resigned, but Lamara’s dad Andrew Bell has slammed his rise to the top.

He said the Met should never have employed Sir Stephen and blasted his boss, Dame Cressida Dick, the Met’s Commissioner.

He said: “You look at what that woman presided over. You have got Grenfell. Untouchable. You’ve got the London Bridge and all that. Untouchable. She’s got all her terrorist stuff. She’s untouchable.

“I reckon she’s too busy running about trying to cover her own a*** to care about Stephen House. At the end of the day she has presided over so much s*** it’s incredible what she’s floating through.


“Nobody has actually been charged with anything from any force. There has never been a police officer actually had anything bad done to them for their f*** ups.

“The arrogance at the top these days is just incredible. They never leave unless their pushed.”

John’s dad Gordon Yuill, 57, also called for House to be sacked.

He said: “It’s shocking when you think about what happened at the call centres in Scotland. He’s the wrong person for the job.

“If he’s involved with the Everard case, he should resign. I know there’s calls for the head to resign, but if he’s in the same boat he should resign as well.

“Like up here, they should all be held accountable. Maybe a change in leadership is what’s required.”

Dame Cressida Dick and Sir Stephen House have faced more criticism amid claims that an “extraordinary story of blunders” enabled Sarah Everard’s killer to become a Met police officer.

Lord Stevens, a former Met Commissioner, said the vetting process was “not fit for purpose” in failing to prevent the recruitment of Wayne Couzens to the force in 2018.

In response to the criticism, Sir Stephen said: “I hope that the guilty plea offered by Police Scotland brings some measure of closure to the families of John Yuill and Lamara Bell.

“I acknowledged at the time of their deaths that the organisation I then led had failed in our duty to keep them safe. The regret and sadness I felt then remains with me today.”

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  1. All these corrupt officers are male! Certainly the very vast majority of them. Why is this not pointed out! We know women and kids are usually the victims but I believe its wrong not to state blatant facts that it’s men abusing these positions of power

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