Met police officer found in possession of Class A drugs resigns

A Met Police officer who has now resigned has faced a misconduct hearing for the possession of Class A drugs.

The panel found former PC Dalphinis had committed gross misconduct for possessing MDMA and, were he still serving, would have been dismissed.

He was found with half a tablet of ecstasy and admitted that he had taken the other half the day before.

Dalphinis was given a community resolution and was found guilty of Discreditable Conduct.

Dalphinis joined the Met Police in February 2020 and was on a performance development programme when he resigned in September this year.

After being found to have half a tablet of MDMA in his possession, the misconduct hearing found he had discredited the police service.

The hearing outcome states, according to paragraph 4.16 of the College of Policing Guidelines: ” it is unacceptable for police officers, who are responsible for upholding the law, to break the law themselves and to do so brings discredit on the service.”

On December 22, Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball QPM found: “That undermining of trust is even stronger where their behaviour fuels a criminal industry that has a very negative impact on public safety.”

Former PC Dalphinis did not provide a response under Regulation 54.

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